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A young wife , Caren is currently holds a B.A in Mathematics and a B.S in computer science.

For her leisure, Caren has various hobbies. Writing, programming, web design, drawing, video gaming, casual gaming are all things Caren does for fun. In addition, she enjoys learning Japanese and reading about finance.

If writing and sharing knowledge is something you enjoy doing, feel free to join Hubpages. Thanks to the advertising program, it might even possible to earn a little bit of side income. Writing for passion is even better with a bit of extra spending income.

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  • Dwarf Hamster Information

    Dwarf Hamster Information

    6 years ago

    A lot of people are curious about dwarf hamsters, especially the robo dwarf hamsters- no it's not a robot - but what exactly are they? As the name might hint, dwarf hamsters are extremely small hamsters. Officially,...

  • Learn How to Become a Real Werewolf

    Learn How to Become a Real Werewolf

    7 years ago

    Warning: Humor So, it seems you've decided you want to become a real werewolf. Well, then, my friend, you're in for a gruesome task. Becoming a werewolf is no easy task and it requires a lot of responsibilities. In...

  • Roman Numeration System and Common Numerals

    Roman Numeration System and Common Numerals

    3 years ago

    Roman numeral explanation, conversion, and charts

  • Factoring Exponents

    Factoring Exponents

    9 months ago

    There are multiple methods for factoring an expression with exponents. If you are on this page you are either Trying to factor exponents directly (ex x2 + x) Trying to factor expressions with exponents (ex: x2  -...