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Richard Kane (rkane3)

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  • I Touch Transendence

    I Touch Transendence

    5 years ago

    A major advance in my transcendent awakening transpired and I wrote this poem to understand it.

  • Life's learning

    Life's learning

    5 years ago

    I've been brutal with myself in my life's learning as of late I can't attribute all that happened to me to fate I confronted myself with lessons I had to learn to survive There's one thing I know, I wish to remain alive My poetry has moved...

  • Listen by R.Kane

    Listen by R.Kane

    5 years ago

    The present whispers to me. Do I always listen? God knows I try! The ever forming worry, outside of what is, always tugging me away. by R.Kane AKA Richard Kane ©2012

  • Depression by R.Kane

    Depression by R.Kane

    6 years ago

    Dreaded deception Self revile Stuck in a corner On an open floor Must I look down So that I may look up The juice of life at times Lies so bitter in my cup ©1983 R.Kane AKA Richard Kane

  • As I [try to] see it

    As I [try to] see it

    6 years ago

    Not the fight has started But the journey begun Not the battle been won But the lesson is learned Not the war of existence But the dance of life ©1982 R-Kane AKA Richard Kane

  • Are You Out There by R.Kane

    Are You Out There by R.Kane

    6 years ago

    Hello, are you out there, does anyone hear Are we, am I, are you alone One day flows to another, why is that so We judge without full knowledge Just something buried deep within Yo, do you hear what I say, or just what you think Am I who I know I...

  • Questions by R.Kane

    Questions by R.Kane

    6 years ago

    On this journey of life Are the answers to your questions Amidst this space Is all you'll need Thru the vision of present moment Lies the path that sets you free Don't look to them Or ask of me Only you can open your eyes And see ...

  • A Pattern

    A Pattern

    6 years ago

    In the primordial time a pattern formed, Where everything was eating everything. Oh so many bizarre and varied phylum ruled then. So many now lost to our tree of life. To a time now gone where we lived by rock and stick, fighting tooth and claw,...

  • Reawakening


    6 years ago

    So you think that your lonely Where does it go In life's chance meetings All those others to know I find my choices channel my way The past haunts me But it's only today Letting go of the energies Of many loves lost My rewards and...

  • Her Kind Offer

    Her Kind Offer

    6 years ago

    I met death recently I thanked her for her kind offer But I declined for now I know I'll walk away from life with her at sometime She will help heal my bruising and battering from this life As we walk home together You see, I have much...

  • My Own Creation

    My Own Creation

    6 years ago

    Saad Faruque I am my own creation Within the parameters of what I own I’m so grateful of How my true self has grown Mother, father, the world; you gave me The palette I work within Creation comes of chaos I firmly believe to be ...

  • Modes and Images

    Modes and Images

    6 years ago

    Modes of perception Images of mind The energies that you send forth Are the realities that you find ©1975 R.Kane AKA Richard Kane

  • Within by R.Kane

    Within by R.Kane

    6 years ago

    Within the fall of the raindrop The ocean of life is found Within the flow of the river The motion of time is bound Within the sound of the wind The call of I am is heard Within this act of writing The image of mind is made word ...

  • For Marty

    For Marty

    6 years ago

    Don't get so lost in the beauty you think you see further down the road That you cannot enjoy the beauty of the road that you are on ©1996 R.Kane AKA Richard Kane we can all benefit from reflecting on this every day :) Thank you, I wish he...

  • I am a warrior

    I am a warrior

    6 years ago

    I am a warrior A kind, loving, understanding warrior I will stand as firm as need be To protect the values that I hold I will fight if need be I am an aggressive soul I will not roll over I do not concede I can be taught I can be...

  • I could share it more

    I could share it more

    6 years ago

    I’m as human as you are As bent and broken I just understand it better than most Not all I doubt myself, I hurt myself, I hate myself But I’m wonderful and beautiful too I believe in myself, I heal myself, I love myself Perhaps...

  • remember by R.Kane

    remember by R.Kane

    6 years ago

    informatique/William Murphy You dancing with your boyfriend at that circuit party; you two woman with your child in the park; you in your leather drag riding the city bus; you are our sons and daughters, though few of us had children. ...

  • after grief

    after grief

    6 years ago

    Sans the end there is no beginning. In the pain of loss is the measure of the worth. I dreamed of you again lo this decade of remove. The grieving, anger and agony are a pallid memory now. Yet our loving touch as strong, perchance fuller. ...

  • Youth by R.Kane

    Youth by R.Kane

    6 years ago

    He slouches with affected attitude; a teenage gansta wannabe, is this fashion or fact? Clutching the waistband of voluminous pants striving mightily for the ground, Boxers proudly displayed for our perusal. No matter how much middle...

  • Leap of Trust by R.Kane

    Leap of Trust by R.Kane

    6 years ago

    We thirteen waited and watched through the afternoon. The soft landings, the hoots of joy comfort my slight fear. Small specks appear on high then blossom, like multicolored dandelions on the wind. Viewed a video of a cult like fellow...

  • Long distance call

    Long distance call

    6 years ago

    Calling a distant tomorrow Will any human be there I'm in and of a time when your chances we my spare Though we're waking to the limits That this tiny world can stand It is no certainty we won't foul it with our own hand Which is why...

  • We're Here Now

    We're Here Now

    6 years ago

    Oh, don't worry about that We're here now This is the time This is the place I'm my most favorite person in all the world Awareness, aliveness, hereness, nowness, isness I offer my love, I offer myself All those billions of other...

  • I stand in the way

    I stand in the way

    6 years ago

    Gently firm Is that the way that I learn Obliquely clear I've such a profound feeling when it's near The polish and patina on life Is a choice that we make The discovery of yourself Is something you just can't fake While I'm seeking...

  • Messages in Transit

    Messages in Transit

    6 years ago

    The Human experience, what a strange journey I find myself on I don't always understand it or exactly why I've come to be here, When a machine says thank you, you know it's just a formality If I ever let myself I might be famous, a megaphone to...

  • Polarity Dance

    Polarity Dance

    6 years ago

    I’m a reflection, and so are you Each is connected in all that we do The human condition, such pleasure and pain A flowering moment of losses and gain The pattern is set, yet everything is chance I find myself in everyone I see Your...

  • Back Then by R.Kane

    Back Then by R.Kane

    6 years ago

    Coming of age in the 1970’s. As always, it was a simpler age. We thought that every STD could be alleviated at the city clinic. I was *complex rock, button fly Levis, and flannel shirts. Owned one pair of double-knit pants. Didn’t...

  • [the] Moment

    [the] Moment

    6 years ago

    I believe in Magic, it does exist in this world, It is here now where everything happens. The only time where-when I can have effect, the foundation for the fulcrum that I am. My dear you left me, slipped thru a door that I fear. You were...

  • Don't blame life for what you do

    Don't blame life for what you do

    6 years ago

    In how you live and what you choose With what you gain and what you lose Don't blame life for what you do In who you love and those you hate The things you destroy and those you create Just know they came from within you How you feel...

  • Walking paths

    Walking paths

    6 years ago

    We each have our own path in life Uniquely our own We can walk them together Or walk it alone You can fight it bitter Or flow it sweet On it you may linger Or march it fleet It's your path You have to walk it That's why you’re...


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