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Nothing is more frustrating to me than having a thought and couldn’t share it.

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rLcasaLme is a.k.a. Rafael

By profession, I am a Civil Engineer. I’ve been working here in the sands of the emirates since 2005, particularly Dubai. I and my wife have enjoyed our stay in this multi-cultured global city until 2009 when the financial crisis began when we went almost flat broke. It has been a tough ride for us. So far, we have managed coping up with its economy’s slow paced recovery. Though life has been not so generous, it still is good.

My biggest passion is God. Most of my hubs will be about God, my relationship with Him, and what He’s done in my life, and what He will do in yours. My family has been blessed with His grace and mercy ever since our coming back to faith, ever since our coming back home to Him.

My hobby is drawing. I love to draw ever since I could hold a pencil. Graphite and charcoal is my medium of choice at the moment. I hope later on I’d be able to master using watercolor.

I have also been always fascinated with photography. I would love to take some training soon and would love to share my adventures in my upcoming hubs.

And of course, my new found current hobby is writing, and I thank HubPages for this great opportunity to be one of their great collection of artists.

I hope you enjoy your stay reading my hubs and hope they have been helpful to you. Don’t forget to leave comments on my hubs, leave feedbacks, and vote it up.

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What Made Me An Atheist

How I Became A Christian - My Testimony

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