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Couldn’t wait to see the world now it’s a click away. Everyone’s shot gifted universal play.” Things change” I grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn.I love New York City.There's no other place I rather see. New York has so much to offer That's deep in my heart how it remains a big part of me. From the busy streets it became my Hub and how the cab rides we can go anywhere we want to be we can also find a quiet spot. Let the city lights shine above you. The love is in the air story-book turns a page you hear the music playing you could take over the whole entire stage.The places so many foods to chose from. Going Uptown or meeting someone midtown. Going to the cafes having the best Pizza I know where I was born in Brooklyn I had the best pizza or another change I loved to go downtown.Love the holiday window dressing shopping and the people fascinate me.

* * *
New inspired me the writer I love people and the bright sunshine makes me want to sing my music lifts up the sunset on U Tube it was a side I didn’t see... I needed to re-arrange my thinking I love people in my spare time I love to write poems I won many awards
You can call me the book lover also the hard-working wife. My family supports me in everything...
Artistic computer savvy we could light up a Congo Amazon. Another site I am on Full of books Smashwords Life is a smash like jumping Jack the universe goes in a flash. We modernized our ways from candles to high-tech lighting.The moon and the wishful stars make life so inviting. Our books will always be around.We need to escape but let our feet stay on a peaceful spiritual ground.I cannot imagine being anywhere but home with my family. Big hearts how we are drawn to the lucky star of a win. I love my cafe how I think to stir my thoughts up let's raise our book's and never give up the book-it place. Smashwords Life is a Smash. I love to sing and make my own homemade videos.It was like a gift I never had inside of me I always had a musical ear a voice to be heard. Books are like a gift.They show your emotion let's join hands give more love and devotion.

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  • The Oddity of

    The Oddity of "People"

    23 minutes ago

    Too many people are they strange or lonely or we need so desperately to change. Like a whole lotta craziness getting out of our comfort box. The cream of the crop just spread my cream cheese and lox

  • Bones To Pick Her Teeth At Work

    Bones To Pick Her Teeth At Work

    2 days ago

    The perfect movie but she hears the drilling like the Dentist became her pick of the day feeling like she was getting even. Her love did it become worst than her toothache?

  • Love Was Left To Collect

    Love Was Left To Collect

    3 days ago

    We are left stranded by love or the time collects us.We have been shuffled mixed into collection of shells are we ready for the good times like an enigmatic Hex this is not always about sex

  • Encouraging Numbers

    Encouraging Numbers

    3 days ago

    Did I see the light upon me how encouraging or persuaded by what we see? How life is an emergency or numbers come to me this doesn't mean we are Psychics but something holds the key just number me

  • She Dressed For Her Door

    She Dressed For Her Door

    3 days ago

    To knock someone off their feet being on the make Oh! for heaven's sake this wasn't a fairy tale Dressed in doors so please let's not pour our hearts out. Let your door make a real love statement

  • Do You Want Me

    Do You Want Me

    4 days ago

    Is something really better than you thought you wanted to lay there deeply your thoughts wandered he loves to read your lips but first his honest hands touched your Coffee magically he dived right in

  • Madeline Red Haired Valentine

    Madeline Red Haired Valentine

    33 hours ago

    Her face turned beet red embarrassed but energized. She may not see her red sunrise but she was so thankful to give all her love on Valentines Day

  • Eyes Full of Life Enchanted

    Eyes Full of Life Enchanted

    7 days ago

    Eyes through a Celtic enchanted smile see's the erotica forestal charm to be loved by him. So smooth flowing her skin how she is summoned on by him his forever charming ways

  • I Wonder Why Love Became a Bread

    I Wonder Why Love Became a Bread

    7 days ago

    This land is your land this land hold's life between our bread precious land we are in the Godly land. Please give me your most powerful hand

  • Big X Marks a Plot

    Big X Marks a Plot

    5 days ago

    Why do we need an approval for love did it become all X marks the spot with a dot and a desirable love plot. Let's love me knot love by chance don't let your best time put you in a trance

  • Perfect Plans Prelude into Protection

    Perfect Plans Prelude into Protection

    6 days ago

    Like a Femme fatale perfect plan fairytale what a sexy jaw chin. How to protect me felt so much like lovers sin to protect thyself went so out of my proportion prelude to a kiss no protection I missed

  • My Psyche Crazed by Postcards

    My Psyche Crazed by Postcards

    11 days ago

    The finer things in life or maybe a postcard but how can something you read get inside your psyche so well indeed

  • Quiet Man**Invisible Man** Victorian Winged My Fancy

    Quiet Man**Invisible Man** Victorian Winged My Fancy

    2 weeks ago

    Remaining quiet with no words hearing paradise of birds closing your eyes Invisible man appears at your side "Victorian" winged or wingless but never voiceless

  • Sour Dough French Van Gogh

    Sour Dough French Van Gogh

    13 days ago

    So soft but our bread should be buttered I do believe we want it hard but not hard times but those Great Depressions leave the sad taste. To crumble hearts bread in between us sad reactions,

  • Happy Now...Then....Super Natural Powers Win

    Happy Now...Then....Super Natural Powers Win

    2 weeks ago

    We are exploring the dangerous side of power physical body being torn into a different dream state but you don't belong. Alien species monstrous race of giants entering the physical world unknown

  • Continue Living or Dream on What will be next?

    Continue Living or Dream on What will be next?

    2 weeks ago

    Let's describe something intensely deep don't worry you won't lose time and your wishes through your sleep it's so much stronger just think this is all you have to do

  • Making an Enemy or New Addition Lover

    Making an Enemy or New Addition Lover

    2 weeks ago

    Love to the infinite strong desire of fate like the Cleopatra or fighting for love what is so heavenly about fighting your enemy when it can be so dangerous at the end an awakening biggest decision

  • Humans A Thing With Apes

    Humans A Thing With Apes

    7 weeks ago

    The average (Chimps) results turn out to be clever than a human. Is this humanly kind or somehow the "Chimp" has more intellectual ability not leaving anything behind what is going through our minds?

  • Confusion of Dark Sunsets

    Confusion of Dark Sunsets

    7 weeks ago

    We need to change the darkness and add Patience and lots of creativeness annuity a clear mind of purity our sunset will be found

  • The Gala Went Solitaire

    The Gala Went Solitaire

    2 months ago

    The lovely divine Gala sunny filled umbrellas are we looking into those Stars of the Stella's. Did our party feel emptier let's pour more garden party drinks her head felt lighter

  • Another Year to Consider

    Another Year to Consider

    2 months ago

    Well, Einstein had this planned out to be considered the theories time and space like a black hole. Let's come together as one whole.The fairytales or Oliver Twist let's consider us part of the family

  • How to Not Fear

    How to Not Fear

    2 months ago

    Life has such potential it's a sign your just aware of like a work of art stays bold not to fear you are the divine lady so "Deviant" Your the master of your own game just light the fire don't fear it

  • A Love To Rebuild

    A Love To Rebuild

    2 months ago

    The amphitheater of the Roman arts built into the finest structure her beauty fit right into the divinity of the texture. Like a gladiator of games the first century how it holds together with time

  • Till The Writing Do Us Smart

    Till The Writing Do Us Smart

    2 months ago

    Writing is an art form getting the perfect balance staying in line feeling like"Queen Jubilee" looking at her drink her words were shaping into love form.She could visualize the smooth flowing waters

  • Maybe It's Our Pride

    Maybe It's Our Pride

    2 months ago

    How long will it take until he was panting at her feet but looking toward the middle he got a glimpse of her divine hands. But he showed his hands deep in his pocket surprisingly he took her hand and?

  • Beds

    Beds "R" Moon-Struck

    2 months ago

    Our plasma screen all lined up with the pleasure of beds like an Epicuros a cure for the love We all desire to be richer. What is the right love are we so moonstruck brings serenity is this enough

  • Rewards Move Let's Dance

    Rewards Move Let's Dance

    2 months ago

    There all in the Godly dance how the world demand's it. Like a new birth, her rehearsal became her body movements of renewal. It's the modern movement how he kneels down to her and sweeps her hand

  • So Roaring Tuxedo Darlings

    So Roaring Tuxedo Darlings

    2 months ago

    "There will still be talk" and she wondered what kind of women made her the lucky one she was the business lady type the Gatsby took her to another spiritual love flight.And how her "Grace was so fine

  • To Replace Something

    To Replace Something

    2 months ago

    Did we lose something that cannot be replaced with a treasured heart shape ladies face? Are you on the sidelines no one to guide you through your difficult times who really decides?

  • The Ops Stick Like Gum Drops

    The Ops Stick Like Gum Drops

    2 months ago

    How the military took over very seriously mitigate and truly prevent all killings and the innocent bystanders

  • A Watch Made For A Spell

    A Watch Made For A Spell

    2 months ago

    How time flies and submerges like a bad spell can we reverse it?. Let's flex your delicate arms no alarm but someone comes over to her and says? It's your time your watch is ticking like a time bomb

  • The Jewels Holy-Land of Crowns

    The Jewels Holy-Land of Crowns

    2 months ago

    How the decidedly clever Duke how he was entertained with the Queens of the deck of those historical times of Queen Victoria from the era of 1838 metaphysical of theories all in peace spiritual love

  • Keepsake Heart Afterlife

    Keepsake Heart Afterlife

    2 months ago

    How she took in a deep breath the fresh air shadowed her way but she sensed something that changed She left her breath out in such a whoosh and how did the time get so confusing like she was floating

  • Procreating Passion Mating

    Procreating Passion Mating

    2 months ago

    Just for a second what a flicker like she was the feather tickler she saw something in his eyes so hot like a mating passionate give or take being overenthusiastic the sounds come out more intense

  • Alaskan Malamute Snowy Cute

    Alaskan Malamute Snowy Cute

    2 months ago

    Let's praise one another all family our four- leg's' and hands come closer dogs are the life of pleasure. That's our mystery quest family and friends and let's not leave out our dog's like God's

  • About Eve Multitude of Faces

    About Eve Multitude of Faces

    2 months ago

    Is it something at birth we are born with faces are a piece of cake funny or mysterious and sometimes the Straight Jacket please don't do a Joan Crawford on me or Bette Davis All about Eve

  • Marriages Food of the Magnate

    Marriages Food of the Magnate

    2 months ago

    We all need to watch our glycemic levels the danger of insulin but the beauty of our science goes further within.Eating more organic your feeling like the Queen of the Titanic.Marriages are like food.

  • Blood Potato Conscience

    Blood Potato Conscience

    2 months ago

    This became a "Hot Potato" game with Vampires dark but had a delicious blood flow only if you were in the Hub sitting and passing this Hot Potato it was so deep in her mind. Don't look behind