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I love to paint on the earth (rocks), it makes me feel as though I am brightening the world in some small way and the wonderful thing about flowers painted on rocks is that they last forever!
I also love to paint fairies and angels and stained glass themed rocks. Please stop by my Painting Rocks! lens to check it out. It could be something you would enjoy, as they make wonderful gifts for just about anyone and I believe anyone can paint on a rock if they try. It's just plain, well, fun!
I also list sales of my work frequently on ETSY and EBAY under the name "Maggie Lee", which is the name I use for my art, or as I like to call it my "artist name". I get the name Maggie Lee from using my middle name, Margaret, which is a family name for generations, and using my daughter's middle name, Lee, which is also a family name (just in case you're wondering! lol)
I am fascinated with angels and feel their presence in my life and definitely feel that I have met a few in human form in the past. I have also become very interested in the Law of Attraction, spirituality and having a positive outlook on life.
In regard to health,I think that the food we eat is responsible for whether or not we feel good physically and mentally. Plain and simple as it sounds, it's my view that if people just ate better food and if they stopped eating bad food they would feel better on a continual basis and would not have to take so much medication which just causes more problems.
Please see my Eat Healthy, Feel Great! Lens and check into my views on this. I am very passionate about it and it's a must read even if only to lead you in the right direction to a healthier lifestyle.
I am the happily married (Wow, 25 years this May!) mom of three wonderful "kids" (they will always be my babies!) ages 21, 18, and 13. My husband, Steve, (who is my best friend and my "rock") and I were both born and raised on Long Island and made the decision to move to Cary, North Carolina six years ago in 2005 and we absolutely love it here.
Thanks for reading and stopping by, I hope I can help you with something through my lenses!

Nancy Maggie Lee

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