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Just a sleep-deprived, scatter-brained, unbridled dreamer of a physicist pretending to be an engineer with aspirations of sailing around the world in a hundred and fifty foot yacht...

I was originally led to Hubpages after a coworker of mine led me to a blog called Smart Passive Income (no it's not mine, but the author is a normal guy who's worked very hard to get where he's at so I have no problem giving a him a free shout out :) I went there looking for, as you can guess, a way to make some money. I hadn't been laid off and wasn't really struggling, but I've always had aspirations of taking a good idea and turning it into a comfortable living free of financial burden. I had already been working on one of those 'great' ideas for an Iphone app, but hadn't really thought about the full scope of what I could be doing. After reading through a few blog posts I ran across a list highlighting websites that had potential for doing what I wanted to do. Hubpages was on that list, so here I am...

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