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    • Why is this hub not featured?

      Why is this hub not featured?

      3 years ago

      I created a hub that seems quite media rich and not uninteresting. Under the buttons I don't see any warnings, but still the hub is not featured (it's icon is ).Can you suggest what is wrong with this hub that prevents...

    • Why is 'Hebrew' considered 'Capitalized' on Hubpages?

      Why is 'Hebrew' considered 'Capitalized' on Hubpages?

      4 years ago

      I created a hub where the text is in Hebrew.The hub is flagged for Hub Violations with the reason: Title and/or text of Hub is all capitalized.Is there a way to create hubs where the text is in Hebrew, without it being...

    • Scientology


      7 years ago

      I was checking one of my hubs (<snipped link>) and was dismayed to see that all the ads on the page were for Scientology!Can I do something to prevent these occurrences ?

    • Why only English ?

      Why only English ?

      7 years ago

      Hi,I'm a native Hebrew speaker and there are hubpages I'd like to write in Hebrew.However, Hubpages.com supports only English, and would not allow posts in other languages.I understand that it may be harder to police...

    • Right-to-left languages on hubpages ?

      Right-to-left languages on hubpages ?

      7 years ago

      Hi,I tried creating a hub that includes both English and Hebrew text on the same line. The result is a complete mass, with Hebrew words placed not where I wrote them.Can something be done to get Hebrew word not change...