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Be like a sponge, absorb all you can. I believe that you have one life, so you must do/ try everything atleast once. This has made me a jack of all trades - the been-there-done-that kinds. I have this undying love for learning new things. It is almost like a disorder... whenever i see/ hear about something new, you'll find me digging into its details to know more.

Being bought up in India, I had been introduced to a very vast range of religions, languages, cultures and beliefs at an early age. Art forms like rangoli and mehandi (heena) run in the blood. Family bonds and values are so strong, they overpower your emotions, your actions and become a part of your being.

Things related to the human body and health ie at home or natural cures, alternate therapies like acupressure and reiki intrigue me. Need i say i’ve tried my hands on most of these already?? I’ve been a fashion student, so anything involving beauty, latest trends, designing would have me hooked. Living in this age one needs to be familiar with computer and having a masters degree in it just adds to the need of being involved with it forever.

Like i said, been there and done it!! For those of you wondering, thats where the name came from. You can find me on stumble and digg by the same name.

You can read my other articles here.

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