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Hello everyone, I am excited to be a part of the Hubpages community and write about the things that interest me. I love the ease of use and the process here at Hubpages, I am addicted. I am also interested in Golf, Politics, Family of course, many other subjects and Internet marketing successfully, I really like helping others to achieve that as possible, and it's exciting as well. My background is as a Carpenter and Trainer Assessor in the Construction industry, so I hope to publish some Hubs in that area as well in the future.

Learning as much as I can and sharing what I have learnt is a passion. Internet marketing is a long term business, patience and perserverence are the keys.

Since my involvement with Hubpages, I have become a huge fan of creating hubs and getting to know the great community here and engaging with them in the forums. The simplicity of use and process has given me a platform to build an online presence, creating simple income generating hubs.

I am excited about the opportunities that Hubpages allows me, and I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to join Hubpages and build their own empire of hubs and start writing about what interests you, and of course why not earn some cash along the way.

I hope to continually update this profile page here as I go along, I'll add new stuff that I have found to work for me on Hubpages and also prop up my new hubs, a little self promotion, ahh, everyone does it.

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Many Hubbers rave about this, so, after hearing so much about SheToldMe on Hubpages and how users were able to social bookmark their own pages, and get paid for it, are increasing their earnings from participating in that site, I decided I had to join SheToldMe too. It all helps right. Interested, tap on the link above, it's free.

Well, as you continue to delve deeper into this wonderful online world of writing and revenue sharing, you're likely to uncover more interesting ideas and new money earning opportunities, like this new site called The Best Reviewer, which is an offshoot from SheToldme. Essentially you write a list of your top best things, from three up to twenty, can be almost anything and you make money with the ads displayed on your list pages. At this early stage you can get in on the ground floor, the best time to join Best Reviewer, is when the revenue share is higher. I've joined, it's really easy to use so, give it a go get in early and we'll see how it pans out together.

Working out how to best create and layout a Hubpage, has taken me quite awhile to learn. There are probably still some tricks I'll yet discover, It's not just a matter of writing 500-1000 words or so and slap it into a hub, you have to plan out your hub, research the content, choose which modules are best to utilize and where is best position to display them for optimum earning potential.

Choosing your images and where best to display them. Determine what your focus is for the hub, is it to earn adsense income, presell an affiliate product or Amazon product. Each focus has a different hub layout and approach. Go and search for hubs related to your subject and see how they've been constructed.

The best way to learn how to optimize your hubs is by following other experienced Hubbers, and take note of how they approach their hub creation, see where they place their images, how big are the text areas, where are they, do they include news capsules, rss capsules, should you include a quiz or will a poll add to the value of your hub.

There are many things to consider before you sit down to create your hub, take the time to visit other hubs within the category you are targeting, see how they're laid out, try to do it as good or better.Make use of the great forum too, as this is a place to get advice and have your questions answered, or your hub reviewed by others.

Ok, now for another site that has proven useful in promoting your hubpages is a site I found called Xomba, it's not new but is very effective. It's a place for revenue sharing as well when you submit bookmarks, obviously pointing to your hubs, write articles too and earn revenue from the adsense that displays on those pages. I have also noticed very fast indexing and ranking of some of these articles on Xomba, sometimes within several minutes of posting, they have been positioned on the first page of Google. They don't stay there indefinitly, but what a boost. Join Xomba Here! Yeah, I know, yet another community to join, but these sites I have suggested are the few that will definitely improve your overall success.

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