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I'm a card carrying Geek/Martial Artist/Film Maker/ Film Buff and of course passionate writer. For a while now I've experiemented with many creative outlets and one which I have kept up for the longest is writing. My friends tell me that I tend to ramble, so rather than geek them out I decided to try my hand at blogging to get it out of my system and here we are.

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  • A Female Doctor Who

    A Female Doctor Who

    4 years ago

    Could there ever be a female Doctor Who? Would it work? Who would play the part? Lets explore the answers to these questions.

  • 10 Animated Shows for Adults

    10 Animated Shows for Adults

    4 years ago

    The Top 10 best cartoons shows either aimed at or perfectly acceptable for adults to watch in no particular order.

  • Top 3 Free Editing Programs

    Top 3 Free Editing Programs

    4 years ago

    If you've stumbled across this Hub you're probably a young or independent film maker much like myself and you're probably on a low budget or no budget at all. When first starting out it's a little daunting just how much...