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I was born in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania. In 1943 my parents and my sister and I moved to Detroit. My parents and all of my dad's brothers, who also came, worked in the area's auto and steel plants. I developed an interest in photograpy early on. I was a U.S Navy photog. and stationed in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962-'63. Presently I'm a fine art photographer specializing in industrial and Detroit subjects. I work with black & white materials only, using film and printing in my wet darkroom. I do use a digital camera to copy large prints for up-loading onto my web site. When I was free-lancing my primary clients were labor unions and socially conscious organizations but I've done my share of mind-numbing corporate P.R. assignments too. Now I'm interested in self-publishing my work in books. This month (August 2011) I've published a book of b&w photographs of industrial workers with poems by labor poets - "This Working Life." It's an 8x10 76 pg hard cover via blurb.com. For those interested, my web site is www.russmarshallphotographs.net

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