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Hi there! My name is Sadie Feathers and I am the author of Pet Supplies 101. The Pet Supplies 101 blog was created to provide information and tips and tricks on the many different varieties of supplies for all kinds of pets. I myself am owner to a dog, a bird, and some hermit crabs, along with having past experience with many other pets. On top of owning many pets myself, I also volunteer at local animal shelters as often as I can. As a pet owner, I know how difficult it can be to find the right food, cage/habitat, toys, or any other supplies for your pet, so I created this blog to help all pet owners be able to better service their pets' wants and needs. To contact me, please e-mail petsonestopshop@gmail.com or visit the Contact Page on my blog.

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  • Building an Aquarium

    Building an Aquarium

    7 days ago

    Marine life is an ever-growing wonder and many people wish they could have their own ocean right in their backyard. While that may not be possible for everyone, that ocean-life feel could be created at your home by...

  • Benefits of Playing with Your Pet

    Benefits of Playing with Your Pet

    7 days ago

    No matter what kind of pet you own, it is important to give them lots of attention and the care they need to live a happy life. One great way to give them a fun, fulfilling life is through the use of pet toys.

  • Problems of Pets and How to Solve Them

    Problems of Pets and How to Solve Them

    7 days ago

    There are many problems that pet owners face on a day to day basis. I myself have been through the works of it all with the different pets I have had, each of them presenting their own unique challenges to overcome as...