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Joined 8 years ago from The Shadow of Death Valley...Snow Covered Mountain Views Abound!




Living a simple life in a desert home, I love to write, particularly poetry, but also am giving fiction a go in my limited spare time.


I have written at HubPages for the past two and a half years, learning about all kinds of interesting things by perusing the site.

If you are interested in finding guest posting opportunities, you may appreciate PostRunner.

Squidoo is another excellent venue for online writing and earning.

A mom to 8, I bring to HubPages an interesting realm of experience as a former public school teacher, current home educator, with a bent toward homesteading.

We have a variety of poultry on our small ranch, and tend a 5,000 square foot garden from spring to fall each year. I try to feed my family good food on a budget, and love to pass along my tips to others, as well as glean from fellow frugal moms.

Song of the Sagebrush is my main blog, a place to connect with other homeschoolers through Homeschool Blogger. My other online writings have been spurred by my experiences here at HubPages, and include some work at Helium, Squidoo, and some other experimental blogging.

Some of my favorite hub topics include:

Gingerbread Houses...check out my series related to our annual tradition of building and decorating gingerbread houses; for additional ideas, visit my Gingerbread House Blog. Try making Sugar Cookie Houses from scratch sometime!

Education...Between public school and homeschooling, I've developed my preferences for approaching various subjects and issues. I'm working on and Educational Gifts blog which provides some ideas for toys and gifts which have educational value.

My favorite age group to work with is...well, any, as my kids' ages range greatly. But, as a middle school teacher, and as a mother of tweens, I love to give my two cents on various tween topics. One of my favorites is Tween Gift Ideas; after all, who doesn't want to give great gifts to their children!

Are you curious about the latest tween gift crazes? If you don't have a tween in the house, it may be tough to identify, but I take my tween with me into a store, to research, and she's got a great eye for the best of the tween offerings...her latest faves are trapper hats and crossbody bags.

One of my favorite areas of focus when it comes to gift ideas is learning style. The more I observe my children, the more cognizant I am of their strengths, from this perspective. You can use the search box, to the right, to find "learning style" articles, or those focused on any of the topics mentioned above.

Feel free to rate useful articles, or to follow, if you find my work interesting. Better yet, join the HubPages community, and starting writing for fun, and potentially, for profit!

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