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    Book Review With a Twist: The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams

    4 weeks ago

    A book review about the deliciously sweet romantic comedy, The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams. It also includes a twist that I have added to the story's theme followed by the question, "What if..."

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    Sadness Is a Witch (a Poem)

    8 months ago

    When a woman loses her husband in front of her eyes, she is at crossroads about accepting it. On one hand, she feels angry and shaken and on another, she is in denial. Does she grieve and move on or does she take an extreme measure to have him back? Read this poem to find out what she does.

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    A Grey Character (A Poem)

    8 months ago

    What makes grey? Black and white do. What makes a person have a grey character? When he/she is neither entirely black (evil) or white (good). They make both right and wrong choices and aren't afraid to take tough decisions. This poem is about a grey character who is so due to his misfortune.

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    What Insomnia Is to Me (A Poem)

    9 months ago

    I have had insomnia pretty much throughout my early 20's. It arose from a need to make sure that I was thinking things through. I believe insomnia not only affected my sleep, but my mood, thoughts and emotional wellbeing. This poem is about how insomnia feels to a person dealing with it regularly.

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    Unshed Tears (A Poem)

    8 months ago

    At times, society makes us feel that the ones who cry are sensitive. People who cry are seen as weak, whereas, I believe that crying does not make you weak. It is a way to show your emotions when you feel overwhelmed. This poem is about what happens when you don't release your emotions and tears.

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    Invincible Together (Short Story)

    4 weeks ago

    This is my first short story loosely based on Greek Mythology. It starts with a character who causes destruction, but feels saddened by it at the same time. Who is this character? What does he/she want? Read on to find out...

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    Our Virtual Reality (A Poem)

    7 months ago

    I had been in a long-distance relationship with my husband for over 4 years. This poem was a collection about my love for him over the distance. I believe distance can change love to its highest form; along with trust, patience, bonding and connection.

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    Humble Earth (A Poem)

    8 months ago

    This poem is about earth or soil. It's written in the soil's point of view and what humans feel about it. It wants humans to stay humble like how it is and also remember that death is always close.

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    Nesting Behavior in Lovebirds

    9 months ago

    Lovebirds display interesting nesting behavior, and even calm females may appear irritable and hormonal. This article discusses how lovebirds nest, how long it lasts, the materials they use and how to care for them during this process.

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    How I Gained My Lovebird's Trust

    13 months ago

    Lovebirds are small birds, but they are full of energy. It is always exciting to bring a new bird home. But bonding with birds and gaining their trust doesn't happen over a night. Here's what I did to gain the trust of my female lovebird Juju.

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    Lovebird Leg Pain: A Personal Experience

    3 years ago

    What could be the cause of leg pain in lovebirds? My lovebird, Mumu was facing major leg pain and it was a challenging time as I did not have access to any vet. This had happened during the lockdown going on due to COVID-19. This article talks about ways to deal with your lovebirds' leg pain.

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    My Lovebird Lost His Mate

    13 months ago

    A lovebird who has lost his/her mate may become puzzled and lonely. This article discusses the ways in which I handled my male lovebird in his grief, including bringing home a new female mate.

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    How to Care for Sick Lovebirds: Signs and Symptoms

    13 months ago

    Like other avians, lovebirds are prone to disease. This article discusses some ways in which you can help your sick pet. It also talks about my experience handling respiratory problems in my female lovebird, Lulu.

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    5 Bathing Tips for Lovebirds to Make Bathtime Easier

    15 months ago

    Lovebirds need to be clean to stay healthy, but bathing a bird can be difficult and risky. This article discusses ways to make bathtime more pleasant, such as trying a spray bath or placing leafy vegetables in the bowl.

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    Caring for Newborn Lovebirds

    13 months ago

    Has your lovebird laid an egg? Do you have no idea what to do? This article discusses the signs of hatching, newborn baby lovebird care, and the proper ways to handle the parents.

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    How to Put Lovebirds Back in Their Cage

    13 months ago

    At times, lovebirds trouble you by not going inside their cage. The following article discusses quick ways to put them inside. It also talks about the reasons why they want to stay outside.

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    Lovebird Molting: Symptoms and Care

    13 months ago

    Is your pet lovebird losing feathers? Do you find your pet aggressive or grumpy enough to bite others? Learn more about the symptoms of lovebird molting and how you can help them.

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    Top 15 Kuwaiti Foods and Spices

    17 months ago

    This article covers the most popular foods, spices, and types of dates eaten in Kuwait.

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    Teaching English to an Arab Beginner

    8 months ago

    My experience teaching English to an Arab beginner as an ESL teacher in the making.

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    Spicy Hakka Noodles With a Twist

    18 months ago

    Do you love noodles? What about spices? Well, put these together with healthy vegetables accompanied by the crunch of chicken nuggets and fries. This recipe is surely going to be loved by your family.

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    Succeeding In A Long-Distance Relationship

    7 years ago

    It is often heard that Long-Distance Relationships (LDRs) do not work. But this is not the case. With determination, love and time, LDRs can also work like any other normal relationship.

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    Homemade Aaloo Tikki Chaat Recipe

    4 years ago

    Aaloo Tikki Chaat is a famous Indian street food in which shallow fried spicy potato patties are topped with sweet and tangy chutneys (sauces). This recipe will surely be loved by your whole family.

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    Lovebirds' Egg-Laying Process: A Personal Experience

    9 months ago

    How does the egg-laying process work in lovebirds, and can they suffer from infertility? Here's an extensive look at both issues, along with information on egg-binding and how to remedy it based on an actual bird pet owner.

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    Lovebird Courtship and Mating: Breeding, Nesting, Behavior, and More

    12 months ago

    Given the fact that lovebirds choose mates and bond with them for life, bonding and "falling in love" isn't always that typical. The following article depicts the unconventional tale of my two pets.

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    Techniques That Help Me Overcome Shyness

    5 years ago

    I am a shy person and have improved a lot with the simple techniques discussed here. If you are shy and aren't sure what to do, please read on...

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    History And Economy Of Kuwait

    7 years ago

    This article is about Kuwait's condition in the 18th century before oil was discovered. It also discusses the economy and different occupations of the people living in that period.

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    Hand-Raising a Baby Lovebird: A Personal Experience

    11 months ago

    This article is about hand-raising a baby lovebird. Based on my personal experience, I have tips and suggestions. Hand-raised birds are the most loving and loyal pets one could ever find.

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    Behavioral Problems in Parrots: Causes and Possible Solutions

    13 months ago

    In this article, I discuss common parrot behavioral problems and possible solutions. I also explain how I tamed my first pet, a blue Indian Ringneck Parrot.


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