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Joined 3 weeks ago from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Last activity 37 hours ago.




Schooling Little Flower School, Jamshedpur, ISC yr 1974, Graduation B.Sc.(Hons.) Chemistry, Tata College yr 1977, Professional B.Sc.(Engineering) Electrical from NIT, Jamshhedpur yr 1983.

DGM & HOD(Retd.), Elect. & Instr. Department Industrial Furnace Division, The Wesman, Kolkata.

Joined as Partner in ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd., and Life Planner at Tata AIA Life Insur., Co. Ltd. Kolkata. Agency business in Insurance sector.

Hobby: Writing Short stories, Poems, Drama and singing Bengali & Hindi songs.

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  • Mountain  Peaks

    Mountain Peaks

    2 days ago

    The panoramic view of the snow capped peaks builds emotions of nostalgia.

  • The Incarnation Of Love

    The Incarnation Of Love

    4 days ago

    Love is that divine gift to humanity which has its own language of expression. Love is active within us and looks at the world from the third eye....our sixth sense. Follow the voice of love to reach its creator. Love...

  • Goodness of Heart

    Goodness of Heart

    12 days ago

    Human have HEART which feels for everyone, as per our expressions. So let's endeavour for humanity in this group and not in any other form of human chain.

  • The Wilful Revenge

    The Wilful Revenge

    11 days ago

    Hopelesness of life provokes retaliatory action against oneself for some perceived harm. Later the action of arrogance bows before humane advances.

  • The Lighted Window

    The Lighted Window

    2 weeks ago

    Love is the power from Almighty to humans. Love has the power to move boulders. Love can soften rocks too. Languages of love spoken, written and signalled shall be understood by us.