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"SampsonVeteran" is the collective name for those of us military veterans who are affiliated with the Sampson Air Force Base Veterans Association and this Hub site project. It is our plan to contribute stories relating to our memories of days in the military service of the United States ( and thereafter ) in order that those stories will not be lost with our eventual passing.

Virtually all of us served during the Korean War period and time of the Cold War," with some having military service both before and after that time.

Now that we are getting into the interesting years of our stay here on Earth, we have gotten smart about saving our recollections of our days in service to our country - and we have found Hubpages, a great website at which to make our project come to life.

We plan to start this interesting project centered around those who are active with the SAFBVA. After that, the concept can be carried forward to include others who also want their stories published in a meaningful way.

We would enjoy receiving comments by those who read our articles here on Hubpages.

Phil Martin, Bill Ray, Gus Kilthau, Bob Evans, Carl Wenberg, Bobby D. Rennick, Wil Rock, Norm Morency, and Jim Daley - (Phil Pender says he's out of breath but on the way here!)

and more are on the way...

Before we forget it - everyone is invited to visit our veterans organization at http://www.sampsonvets.com . We love our buddies, and we love you, and we love our country, too. That's why we joined up in the first place!

Click on the "more" below on the roster of hubs written on our SampsonVeteran section of Hubpages to see all of those available to read and enjoy. Notice that there is a copyright notice on each story, for we intend to make a whole book of them after a while. If you want to make a copy for yourself, that's OK with us.

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