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I'm Sam, and welcome to my HubPage. I'm retired from the USPS and recently discovered that I like to meet people through writing about my early life and things that seem of interest to all. Hope you enjoy yourselves and please rate my offerings.

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And why not take a look at my latest 'Brain child', Sam's blog, a new site that I'm working on at www.sambralley.com or www.samsons1.com. All comments appreciated.

If you like flowers you can see many of my pix on RedGage. So get yourself a cup of coffee, kick back and enjoy your stay. Go VOLS!

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  • Mom's Old Butter Churn

    Mom's Old Butter Churn

    13 months ago

    In “Mom’s Old Butter Churn” I relate to differences in how things were done when I was a little boy and after I became a man…

  • A Simple Test to Discover One's True Political Allegiance

    A Simple Test to Discover One's True Political Allegiance

    13 months ago

    In “A Simple Test to Discover One’s True Political Allegiance” I dig deeply into one’s personal feelings about a basic right to reference an established norm granted us by our Constitution rather than just...

  • What does Thanksgiving Mean to You?

    What does Thanksgiving Mean to You?

    13 months ago

    In “What does Thanksgiving Mean to You?” I relate to the receiving a gift as a child and then the giving of gifts as an adult…

  • The 34th Annual Woolly Worm Festival

    The 34th Annual Woolly Worm Festival

    13 months ago

    In “The 34th Annual Woolly Worm Festival” I try to bond the excitement of harvest with the local customs and mores of traditional mountain folk as we anticipate the upcoming severity of the approaching winter.

  • Do You Remember What You Were Doing on 9/11?

    Do You Remember What You Were Doing on 9/11?

    13 months ago

    In, "Do you Remember What You Were Doing on 9/11?" I try to convey that we all have individual remembrances and stories of this tragedy and yet as Americans maintain a singleness of spirit and resolve…

  • The Old Swimming Hole

    The Old Swimming Hole

    13 months ago

    In the childhood story, the Old Swimming Hole, I endeavor to tie family love and bonding with friendship and purposes in life. I find few, if any of life’s traits are stronger than the love held, enjoyed and built...

  • The Tree House

    The Tree House

    13 months ago

    In the childhood story, The Tree House, I try to convey a time in the early life of a young boy and his friends growing up in the early 1950’s in upper east Tennessee. A time of freedoms and carefree life styles...

  • Jumpin' Trains

    Jumpin' Trains

    13 months ago

    In “Jumpin’ Trains”, I relate to one time I followed my big brother Jack just a little too far. I didn’t realize the danger that some bigger boys went to just to have some fun. Yes, I should have let go before...

  • What Are the Three Cold Spells after Spring?

    What Are the Three Cold Spells after Spring?

    13 months ago

    In “What are the Three Cold Spells after Spring” I elude to old mountain custom of knowing that there are at least three more ‘seasons’ of cold weather before one can know for sure that warm weather has finally...

  • the Virginia Creeper Trail

    the Virginia Creeper Trail

    13 months ago

    In "the Virginia Creeper Trail", I try to capture one's interest in nature and health by suggesting a local attraction that will help build your health as well as provide a scenic mural of nature no matter the season...

  • Backbone Rock

    Backbone Rock

    13 months ago

    A very small strip of sheer rock that connects two ridges in the Southern Appalachian Mountains in extreme northeastern Tennessee just south of the Virginia state line and Damascus VA, known as ‘the friendliest town...

  • Remembering School Assembly Programs

    Remembering School Assembly Programs

    13 months ago

    Back during the 1950’s besides the basic three R’s in schools, oftentimes the entire student body would be called to gather in the auditorium or gymnasium for special programs throughout each school year. These were...

  • How I Learned to Drink Black Coffee

    How I Learned to Drink Black Coffee

    13 months ago

    In “How I Learned to Drink Black Coffee” I relate to the difference of taste we each possess being evident in the simple way we generally drink our coffee…

  • Signs of the Seasons

    Signs of the Seasons

    13 months ago

    In "Signs of the Seasons" I endeavor to reach forth and pull the warmer weather around us after a seeming long adverse winter. I love to photograph all flowers but especially those during springtime...

  • Do You Remember First Grade?

    Do You Remember First Grade?

    13 months ago

    In “Do You Remember First Grade”, I relate to my personal experiences when I first entered school at the tender age of 6. I learned mainly that the teacher was in charge and that I didn’t always get my way. You...

  • 15

    "Be'n Sick Just Ain't No Fun"

    13 months ago

    In, "Be'n Sick Just Ain't No Fun", I try to relate that sickness even after childhood can derails plans and activities we have planned for our lives, even for writers...

  • Gravel Shooters or Slingshots

    Gravel Shooters or Slingshots

    13 months ago

    In ‘Gravel Shooters or Slingshots’ I attempt to portray the importance of a trusted weapon a young boy must have at his disposal to aid in his defense just in case he was to happen upon some wild animal…

  • Our Family's Christmases, Part 4

    Our Family's Christmases, Part 4

    13 months ago

    The story of a baby... No memory of any past Christmas would be complete without mention of music, the universal language of all seasons that enriches our lives with warmth and tenderness regardless of mood or...

  • What Is a Krautrock?

    What Is a Krautrock?

    13 months ago

    In "What Is a Krautrock?", I express the memory of my mom making kraut for our family table during the early 1950's...

  • We Heated with Coal

    We Heated with Coal

    13 months ago

    In "We Heated with Coal", I try to convey the difficulties our family experienced heating our home during the 1950's...

  • Mother's Chores for Wednesday

    Mother's Chores for Wednesday

    13 months ago

    In "Mom's Chores for Wednesday", I try to capture in detail the activities mom had laid out as her chores for that day...

  • Mom's Old Flatiron

    Mom's Old Flatiron

    13 months ago

    In "Mom's Old Flatiron", I try to show how times are certainly better now than they were when my parents were growing up...

  • My Moma's Hands

    My Moma's Hands

    13 months ago

    In “My Moma’s Hands” I relate to the fact that those hands taught and lead me along while protecting me from evil and harm. They clasp in love around me and my children and pointed me in the direction that I...

  • B H S

    B H S

    13 months ago

    “BHS”, (Blountville High School) I reminisce a little as my mind carries me back to my high school days and once again I remember the hardships as well as the opportunities afforded me. I actually had a chance to...

  • Does Birth Order Really Make a Difference

    Does Birth Order Really Make a Difference

    13 months ago

    In, 'Does Birth Order Really Make a Difference' I pose a personal example of comparison. There are certain stigmas associated with birth order...

  • A Tribute to My Mom

    A Tribute to My Mom

    13 months ago

    In “A Tribute to Mom”, I try to share the deep love of a family for each other. Our mom always taught by example and her deep faith was what sustained her through the trials and pains of life…