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    12 months ago

    This is a story of a 20 years old girl who was living a normal life she. As the days passes by she meets people from her past. Her life takes different twists and turns as the past unwraps. (NOVEL)

  • Fading Out

    Fading Out

    3 years ago

    It is a conversation between two best buddies written in a poem. A friendship with a hope to be alive

  • A Little Lost

    A Little Lost

    3 years ago

    Why? Because... (no one ever answered)

  • Release The Pain

    Release The Pain

    12 months ago

    I Can-cer-vive.

  • Dying Heart

    Dying Heart

    3 years ago

    Hoping To Be Free

  • One Last Wish, I Desire

    One Last Wish, I Desire

    3 years ago

    What would you do if your given a life just to lay down and watch time pass?- Wait for the day you die?

  • Time To Turn

    Time To Turn

    12 months ago

    I closed my eyes. I see you ahead, You've changed. Those days are gone. Day’s together, days apart. Days that took this broken heart The day you said goodbye and I was all apart. I sit alone this empty...

  • Unspoken Hearts

    Unspoken Hearts

    12 months ago

    This is not exactly a poem :P :D. This is written by me and my friends- Sudikchya and Rusma. It was at least about 40 pages long. So, I decided of making it into parts. This is the first part, other are way to come....

  • An Unseen Artist in YOU!!!

    An Unseen Artist in YOU!!!

    3 years ago

    If You Can See Beauty In Everything, You Are An Artist.

  • The Mysterious Night

    The Mysterious Night

    3 years ago

    It was getting dark I was moving towards my home, But suddenly I saw a girl sitting on the bench She was reading a book with her head down Looking at her I felt something was wrong When I went towards her,...

  • Still Alive

    Still Alive

    12 months ago

    I fell down You pushed me hard You hold my breath I couldn't make a sound Uncontrollable pain I went through With every touches you made You broke my belief in you Victim of rape That’s what...