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  • Eggless Date Cake

    Eggless Date Cake

    9 years ago

    A christmas special eggless  date cake is easy to prepare and makes for a lovely dessert or tea time snack recipe. Serves : 3 to 4 Time :1 hour Ingredients: 1 cup seedless dates, chopped fine 3/4 cup sugar 1...

  • Goodbye To Good bye !

    Goodbye To Good bye !

    9 years ago

    There was a time when people greeted each other 'good bye' while parting. Goodbye, actually an acronym for 'God Be With You', says: may you be safe in the protection of the Almighty till we are away. Deep believers that they were, and warm hearts...

  • Wonder Land

    Wonder Land

    9 years ago

    A striking similarity exists between English and Hindi. Both languages are written from left to right. That's common knowledge. More interesting are the common sounding first letters of certain words. Here's sampling. Starting with the human...

  • Thoughts Lead To Destination

    Thoughts Lead To Destination

    8 years ago

    We have heard the word 'THOUGHT' many times. It is nothing but the information / experiences / visualisation / pictures etc., stored in one's mind through the journey of life. Therefore, it has been said that 'Mind id Power'. Thoughts come randomly...

  • Philosophy Of Karma

    Philosophy Of Karma

    9 years ago

    God give the Knowledge of the Eternal Laws, summarising Vedas and scriptures and then it's one's choice to follow it or not. Eternal Laws are applicable to everyone. God only shows the right path and never forces anyone to follow. But He certainly...

  • Meditation Practice

    Meditation Practice

    9 years ago

    First make an appointment with yourself for 10 to 20 minutes each morning and evening. Choose a quiet place away from noise or visual distraction. Sit in a comfortable position with the back straight. You can either sit on a cushion on the...



    9 years ago

    Contentment lay the foundation of happiness. Happiness not only makes us feel great, but in the East is thought to be the best medicine because this state of being contains within it so much optimism and enthusiasm. Contentment should bot be...



    9 years ago

    Optimism opens a door in difficult or hopeless situations. Optimism knows that there is always a way, no matter how many doors have been shut. Optimism believes that there is always a useful alternative. No matter what the crisis, an optimist...



    9 years ago

    Enthusiasm is the master key to feeling great. It acts like a double energy boost. It keeps the self extremely positive and beyond the pull of negativity while simultaneously making others feel uplifted too. It's as if enthusiasm opens a window,...

  • Feeling Great

    Feeling Great

    9 years ago

    HARMONY Feeling great is about putting our life in order, rather than having a good time or feeling good at any cost. It is about bringing our inner world into harmony, developing the maturity to align our inner world thoughts, attitudes...

  • Keys To Success life

    Keys To Success life

    9 years ago

    PURE FEELINGS: When we have pure feelings and respect for everyone we experience self respect. On the other hand assumptions and hatred finish all love respect and unity. God will protect us if we remain honest and maintain pure feelings...


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