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Sara is an accountant with a passion for writing and animals. She is a researcher and avid internet surfer. She is very passionate about pets and she has a mini zoo at her place, with animals ranging from small bird to big cats.

Sara has social science education in Economic and English Literature at the graduate level. She has a master degree in Applied Accounting. She has worked for 2 years writing articles and Business analysis. Her work has been published in magazines, local newsletters, and government journals. She is currently working as an internee in an audit firm.

Like every one else I have spent a big part of my life studying and learning but my knowledge was of no use to anyone until I started writing. Now I feel that I am a small part of vast sea of knowledge out there. All my work is always based upon research and fact but at the same time I am a big fiction fan. I am very passionate about animals, domestic or wild doesn’t matter to me.

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