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C.S. Lewis once said, “Life is too deep for words so don’t try and describe it just live it.”I think that the only thing more difficult than describing life is trying to describe yourself.Because just like life, what makes you ‘you’ is much too deep for words.

So I will try and describe the things that make me move; the things I am, the things I love, and the things I do.

I am an introvert. A Christian. A homeschool graduate. A bookworm. A writer. An Artist. And a History buff.

I have always been a creature of passion. With a heart as red as the hair on my head. Therefore the things that I love are many, and loved with fierceness. (Yes, I’m very dramatic.)

I love words. Any and all words. As my family can tell you I use a lot of them from morning till night. (Otherwise known as a Chatterbox) I love what words mean, how they sound, where they come from, and learning to use them well.

I love Jesus Christ my Savior, and learning to walk with Him and rejoice in His plan for my life. I love my family and being a part of where they are and what they are doing. (Nosy, that’s what that is.)

I love art. I love creating things. I love drawing, painting, sculpting and making a mess. I love stories, I love being outside. I love cupcakes, baking, and the color teal. I love to know why. Why we call something what we do. Where things came from and from who. (Yeah I’m a nerdy know-it-all) I also love animals, fall, and big cozy sweaters.

Now for the things that I do. As you can see this is a much shorter section. I am a writer. I write here on hubpages.

I am also an artist and sell my artwork through my Etsy Shop, NickelDoodleStudio and on Pixels.com.

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