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Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are 5-star Love, Relationship and Soulmate specialists and Relationship Life Coaches known for their honesty, accuracy and integrity. Sarah and Sophia dive deep into your love, romance and soulmate relationships to see where the problems are occurring that are holding you back from true love. Sarah and Sophia can delve into the psyche of your romantic partner or soulmate and provide details as to why the relationship is stalled or broken. They will be able to answer questions and address concerns to help identify the things hindering its growth in the right direction, the direction of commitment. Sarah and Sophia have over fifty years combined experience as love and relationship specialists, as well as soulmate, twin flame experts, who will be able to get your relationship on track and help you make sure it stays there.

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  • Jonathan Antoine, Great Baritone of His Generation

    Jonathan Antoine, Great Baritone of His Generation

    5 years ago

    There have been many great male vocalists of the twentieth century. Pavarotti, Domingo, Bocelli to name a few... all tenors. But what about the baritone voice? Step up, Jonathan Antoine is a great baritone voice for...