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Hello! I am an aspiring author, currently traveling in India. My days consist of yoga, writing, meditation, writing, eating, writing, hiking, writing, sleeping, and writing! I am practicing like crazy, and enjoying every minute of it. I have switched to Hub Pages because it would be great to start making money doing what I love to do. I write stories about the people I meet, the strange things I see, dreams I have, and any and all poetry that comes to inspire me. Much of the writing I am posting has been done in the last four months, since my travels began in Thailand, and I will contine to post as I cross India, move into Nepal, and return to Thailand. Thank you for reading, and if you feel so inspired, click one of the links on my page, and help me make a few bucks!!!

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  • Beware The Indian Auntie

    Beware The Indian Auntie

    8 years ago

    The Indian Auntie is a fearsome creature. She is usually married, with a dot of red paste on her forehead to prove it. She is generally overweight, her sides seeping out over her colorful sari, her neck bulging with...

  • Amsterdam


    17 months ago

    He walks into the Greenhouse Café.  Smoke swirls and reggae music thumps.  The low tables are decorated with jeweled mosaics, sparkling ruby and rich emerald green.  Hand-sculpted ashtrays adorn the tables, and...

  • Cactus Boy

    Cactus Boy

    11 months ago

    The party is at a mansion.  The banisters are run with poinsettias and lights.  Most people are downstairs, but she is here, on one of the upper levels of the house.  She is sitting in a plush carpeted hallway,...

  • The Fairer Sex

    The Fairer Sex

    11 months ago

    Walk up the steep, honking hill to the tiny temple at the top.  Pass through the throbbing throngs of people, and under the golden gates.  Kick off your shoes and emerge into sunlight.  Here, people stream in and out...

  • 11

    "If you love something, let it go..."

    11 months ago

    I want to tell you about a remarkable person I know.  Many of you know him.  His name is Drew.  I don’t know why I’m writing this now, as opposed to before, or now, as opposed to later.  I guess the inspiration...

  • Melodic Character Sketch

    Melodic Character Sketch

    11 months ago

    1. But here in my heart I give you the best of my love Whoa oh oh oh, sweet darlin’ You get the best of my love… He lies on his stomach, playing with the baby, and you are in the kitchen making dinner.  The...