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There seem to be two ways of going about these Bio things - either I start with 'Sasha is this and that and was born here' or I go for the more informal 'Hi, I'm Sasha, I'm this and that and was born here'... oh well, I guess I made that decision the moment I typed 'I'!

Hi, I'm Sasha, I'm neither this nor that (and certainly not 'and') and kind of all over the place but still most definitely human. I was born on a merry little lump of moss covered rock in the north sea that is commonly called the United Kingdom - which I often find strange as it doesn't seem all that united and definitely doesn't have a king. But all that aside, I'm still there, and, more relevant to you lot, I'm here (here being the charming string of 1s and 0s flying all over the place that we call 'HubPages') and for some unknown reason you want to know about me despite the fact I'm not this or that!

As for why I'm here and why I write, I myself am not entirely sure, it's certainly not to make money as I'm positive my idea of a giant floating swimming-pool based trampoline slash (because if I was talking to you I would, indeed, say 'slash') diving board is going to catch on and make me millions. I suppose I write to fill the large amounts of time I have on my hands; when not studying (Mechanical Engineering for those interested) or taking photos of everything, I tend to just sit around and talk to people, and have slowly found that I (1) want to know everything, and (2) want everything to be an infinite concept so I can never know everything and will hence always have something I want to do! Oh, and I also love teaching people new things!

If you've not already run away you may even read one or two of my hubs, and you'll probably notice that my they cover all sorts of things: some are very sincere and come straight from the heart, others are light hearted and not intended to be taken seriously at all; and then the rest are just plain old information-packed hubs!

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy reading my hubs as much as I do writing them - and please don't hesitate to tell me what you think!


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