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Welcome to my page!!

If you are wondering, as to what can you find here then let me help you out. I write about Automobiles, Positive Thinking and Business related articles. There is no rocket science behind any of these, yet, I try to simplify it further.

Most of my articles try to answer the “How?” So, if you read about cars, then it would be “How fast can they go?” On the contrary, if you wish to read about Positive Thinking, then it would be “How can you get into that frame of mind?” All in all, my attempt is to give you a fresh perspective and a new way of looking at things and therefore, hope it helps you.

I am a resident of Mumbai, India and I like driving, riding, listening to music, reading, writing and staying fit. I have participated in Marathons and have done 42 kilometers, on three occasions. I do hope to do a marathon of writing, here, on Hubpages.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the articles!!

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