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seamist profile image


Joined 9 years ago from Northern Minnesota




Hi Everyone:

Welcome to Seamist on Hubpages! Are everyday problems dragging you down? Whether you have health-related problems or other personal problems, this website was created with you in mind. Seamist, a freelance writer, born, raised, and living in the Midwest, researches and writes on an array of topics. Since more new topics are written on a weekly basis, don't miss out on any. Be sure to subscribe to her RSS feed located below my avatar on this page

To learn a little bit about Seamist, she lives in Northern Minnesota in a partly wooded area of farmland where deer, bears, wolves, and eagles abound. While the summers are breathtakingly beautiful with mild temperatures, the winters are downright frigid with blankets of snow.

Since she is interested in how the body works and how lifestyle choices affect health, she especially enjoys researching and writing on health-related topics. Currently, she has numerous articles on unemployment, infertility, dieting, mental health, and other health-related topics. A kid at heart and savvy consumer, she also enjoys writing about kid's toys and other helpful, consumer products. She believes in promoting products that are not only quality but fill a need. If there is anything you're interested in learning more about that is not listed, send her a request, and she will do her best to answer it. Furthermore, if you like her writing style, she is interested in doing freelance work. For either, click here.

Educationally, she has a B.S. in Environmental Science, a minor in Biology, and a certificate in Medical Coding.

In addition to writing at Hubpages, recently she created a couple of new blogs, Backyard Bird Supplies"> and Backyard Ponds and Waterfalls.

During her spare time, she enjoys learning about Internet Marketing, the stock market, quilting, archery, reading, and writing.

Do you like writing too? Do you want to share your thoughts and ideas and make money at the same time? If so, you have come to the right place! Hubpages is a great place to write and learn helpful tips on Internet Marketing! You can make money in four ways - Adsense, Amazon, Kontrera, and Ebay. Furthermore, Hubpage members are friendly and willing to help you learn the ropes.

This profile page shows only a small sample of the topics she has written on. Below is a topical listing of all her articles. This part of the page is still under construction.


How Important is Sleep?

Social Security Disability

Homelessness and Death Caused by the Social Security Disability Backlog>

Social Security Disability Eligibility: Do You Qualify?

Applying for Social Security Disability: Lawyers vs. Advocates

Social Security Disability: The Effects of Working

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