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I would consider myself an avid learner. Having grown up in the cusp of the technological revolution, I find it amazing how much information can be acquired through sharing insight on the internet. Few young people today use the tools that are now prevalent in every aspect of our lives to gain knowledge. I'm going to take the reigns and break this trend. I refuse to ignore the infinite wealth of useful information that's attainable by the press of a button. I'll share all I know and continue to learn more so that I can pass on knowledge to people who are searching for it. I have a lot to share and hope that I might be able help out a few internet surfers that might come across one of my Hubs. As for those wondering about me personally; I'm a golf instructor and apprentice golf professional and have experience in several fields of work. My interests and hobbies are too numerous to mention. But you'd better believe that anything I post will be backed and verified by professionials in the subject matter. With all of knowledge out there on the information superhighway, there's bound to be some falsities. I strive to be one of the reliable sources. It's possible to become well-informed on anything these days if you know where to look.

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