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    10 Things You Need To Know About Stone Ocean Before Part 3

    2 days ago

    Jolyne Cujoh's arc is the latest installment in a long line of popular JJBA characters. Here's a detailed recap of every one of her adventures and what to expect from Batch 3.

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    "All-Star Superman" (2011) Movie Review

    8 days ago

    The Man of Steel's fate is catching up to him. With his limited time, he must fight to bring peace to his adopted planet. And as his end days draw closer he realizes that even though his end is imminent, evil doesn't follow suit.

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    Book Review: "I'm Glad My Mom Died"

    5 days ago

    Jenette's metamorphosis from child actor to Country music singer, then a podcaster, and finally a writer is unusual as it is ambitious. And through her writing, the truth is laid bare and we catch a glimpse at the hands behind the curtains that continue to pull the strings of her career and her life

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    ''The Woman King'' (2022) Movie Review

    9 days ago

    The Dahomey people are at the center of slave trade and are pursued by the French as ell as the rival tribe of Oyo. To ensure survival, the King sends his elite force protect the kingdom and make the kingdom great again. The unit is led by General Nanisca, one of Africa's greatest female warriors.

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    "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War" (2020) Movie Review

    10 days ago

    A terrible fate awaits the Superheroes of the Justice League who have decided to take the war to Darkseid , the galaxies most powerful villain. When our beloved heroes don't make it those who do, must go against everything they know and trust to save the universe.

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    ''Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons'' (2022) Movie Review

    11 hours ago

    Jon and Damian are sons of two of the most famous Superheroes in the DC universe.When a villain threatens to enslave the world,Jon who is navigating his superhuman abilities and Damian a troubled, well-written ,pre-teen assassin must not only step up and exceed all expectations but also kick butt.

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    "Time Masters"(1982) Movie Review

    8 days ago

    On a distant planet faraway, Piel is all alone. Not knowing where his parents are. He has his trusty Mike by his side. A man of many voices. And in due time just like he promises. Mike is on his way to rescue Piel and make everything better.

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    "Fantastic Planet" (1973) Movie Review

    3 weeks ago

    On Ygam, human beings are known as Oms and they're considered either vermin or house pets by the ruling Draag. The story of Terr unfolds from his life as Om pet to his eventual escape, where he meets his kind living in the wild. Terr eventually takes the path of the oppressed: revolution.


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