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Searchinsany has been a Christian for 48 years; his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ has sustained him through many difficult times. As he looks back over his life, he realizes just how wonderful God's providential care has been.

HubPages Objective

Searchinsany is a 'born again' believer who writes about Christianity from a Preterist's perspective. In recent years, challenged to re-examine some of the doctrines he previously accepted without question, in particular 'the end times', his Christian worldview has dramatically changed for the better.

His goal is to challenge readers to search the Scriptures for themselves.

In a way, his articles are his legacy for all who care to read his deliberations on the Scriptures.


In Searchinsany’s ‘end times’ articles, he compares his view (Preterism) with Dispensationalism on numerous occasions. The reason for doing so is based on his personal experience and knowledge of that doctrine. In his opinion, Dispensationalism has a detrimental effect on Christianity.

'Dispensationalism' is used in his articles not 'Dispensationalist', because his criticism is directed at the doctrine and not his brothers in Christ.

He also has a keen interest in Art History and endeavours to combine the two subjects in his articles.


A word of caution, many of his 'Bible Topics' may shock the unsuspecting reader. What he does guarantee is that visitors to his articles will leave with lots to contemplate!

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Don Preston... http://www.eschatology.org/

James Stuart Russell... The Parousia

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Rick Meyers... http://www.e-sword.net/

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Recommended Listening:

Don Preston and William Bell on FulfilledRadio... http://fulfilledradio.com/tag/don-k-preston/

Recommended Art History Source:

Olga's Gallery... http://www.abcgallery.com/alfaind.html

Art and the Bible... http://www.artbible.info/

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