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  • How to Save an Overfertilized Plant

    How to Save an Overfertilized Plant

    6 weeks ago

    Applying fertilizer in excess can easily damage and kill plants. Saving plants from fertilizer damage is possible, but a little work and patience is needed before the plant becomes healthy again.

  • Classic Superman Video Games

    Classic Superman Video Games

    6 years ago

    Superman has starred in many video games and some of the earlier games sparked ideas and styles that are still used in Superman video games today.

  • Neem Oil Organic Insecticide

    Neem Oil Organic Insecticide

    5 weeks ago

    Neem oil is organic and can be used in homemade mixtures to control many kinds of garden and plant pests.

  • Snake Plant Propagation

    Snake Plant Propagation

    6 years ago

    The propagation of the snake plant is very easy via cuttings or divisions. Cuttings are slightly more complicated than divisions but both are easy none-the-less. Only a few materials are needed to perform divisions and cuttings.

  • Snake Plant Care

    Snake Plant Care

    6 weeks ago

    The snake plant, Sansevieria trifasciata, is a very common and easy to grow house plant. Growing snake a plant is very easy due to its ability to tolerate low light environments and irregular watering. One of the major benefits of the plant is in its ability to purify air, which makes it great for...

  • How to Use Vinegar to Kill Weeds

    How to Use Vinegar to Kill Weeds

    5 weeks ago

    Vinegar is effective as a weed killer due to its ability to draw moisture out of foliage. Household vinegar may also be used in combination with other household items, like salt and dish detergent, to kill weeds. Vinegar is easy to find and use, while being an alternative to chemical herbicides.

  • Control Gypsy Moths

    Control Gypsy Moths

    6 years ago

    The gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar, is one of North America's most devastating pests. The larvae can defoliate and kill trees if infestations are large and reoccurring. Damage reduction is absolutely key.

  • How to Keep Soil Moist Without Excessive Watering

    How to Keep Soil Moist Without Excessive Watering

    6 years ago

    Keeping soil moist while avoiding excessive watering is a key when growing most plants. Excessive watering is a novice mistake that can easily harm and even kill plants. There are several methods can be used to reduce watering and retain moisture, which both prevent excessive watering from ever...

  • How to Protect New Trees in Winter

    How to Protect New Trees in Winter

    6 years ago

    Winter can be very harsh on young, newly planted trees. Frost cracking, sun scalding, evergreen discoloration, die-back, and frost heaving can severely damage or kill new trees. Ice, snow, and especially salt can damage young trees as well. There are several methods of protecting young trees from...

  • Maple Tar Spot

    Maple Tar Spot

    6 weeks ago

    Maple tar spot is a disease that causes black spots on the leaves of several species of maple trees, mainly Norway and silver maples. Learn what causes it and how to treat it here.

  • Croton Care

    Croton Care

    6 weeks ago

    Croton houseplants are very colorful featuring shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and white depending on the variety. Croton is a tropical plant that is native to several islands in the Pacific Ocean. Caring for croton is different compared to most houseplants due to its tropical...

  • Fittonia Care

    Fittonia Care

    6 weeks ago

    Fittonia is often called a "nerve plant" or "mosaic plant." The plant features beautiful red, pink, or white veins that contrast with dark green foliage. Caring for fittonia requires a little more effort compared to most houseplants due to it being indigenous to South American rain forests.

  • N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) Fertilizer

    N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) Fertilizer

    6 years ago

    Understanding fertilizer labels and what each nutrient provides to plants is essential when growing lawns, vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants. The main three nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). These are boldly listed on fertilizer containers. Variations of the numbers...

  • Exterminating Sidewalk Weeds

    Exterminating Sidewalk Weeds

    6 years ago

    Weeds that grow in the cracks of sidewalks are unsightly and annoying, but there are several methods of eradicating sidewalk weeds. Mechanical eradication, household remedies, and chemical herbicides can all be used to exterminate ugly sidewalk weeds.

  • How to Take Care of a Yucca Plant

    How to Take Care of a Yucca Plant

    5 weeks ago

    Yuccas are very common in arid regions of the Americas. The yucca plant is easy to care for—its requirements are similar to those of cacti. This article will address basic yucca maintenance and provide tips for identifying common problems one may encounter while raising yucca.

  • How to Grow Sunflowers

    How to Grow Sunflowers

    5 weeks ago

    Sunflowers produce large, bright flower heads that tower above other flowers. Growing sunflowers is easy and rewarding, especially to those who enjoy the blooms and eating the seeds. Proper soil preparation, watering, sunlight, and fertilization will produce beautiful blooms almost effortlessly.

  • Aloe Vera Care Instructions: How to Keep Your Aloe Plant Healthy

    Aloe Vera Care Instructions: How to Keep Your Aloe Plant Healthy

    5 weeks ago

    Aloe vera plants are easy to grow and make great houseplants. Aloes can grow relatively quickly when given optimal conditions and care. Soil type, watering schedule, light requirements, and occasional fertilization will keep aloe plants looking attractive and green for years to come.

  • How to Build a Terrarium

    How to Build a Terrarium

    6 years ago

    Terrariums are mini ecosystems that can be nearly self-sustaining, while containing colorful and interesting plants. Building a terrarium only requires a few materials and can be easily put together at home. A little care is needed such as pruning and watering once the terrarium plants become...

  • Goalkeeper Mental Training

    Goalkeeper Mental Training

    6 years ago

    Goalkeeping is the most unique position on the pitch. Many training sessions and matches are needed to meet the physical demands of the position, but the psychological development is often overlooked when learning or coaching the goalkeeper position. Developing mental toughness and forming the...

  • How to Grow and Divide Parlour Palms

    How to Grow and Divide Parlour Palms

    7 weeks ago

    The parlour palm, or Chamaedorea elegans, is one of the most popular houseplants due to its low-maintenance nature and minimal light requirements. But proper care is still essential to keep it healthy. This guide will tell you everything you need to keep your parlour palm thriving.

  • Goalkeeper Gloves Care

    Goalkeeper Gloves Care

    2 months ago

    Care is needed to extend the life of goalkeeper gloves. Washing is vital to preserve the natural latex foam used on the palm and fingers of the gloves. Minor repairs are also needed to squeeze a little more life out of the gloves. Extending the life of the gloves by washing and repairing is worth...

  • Propagating Alocasia Polly

    Propagating Alocasia Polly

    6 weeks ago

    To propagate alocasia, using the division method is your best bet, and it can be performed very easily. The quality of care and soil will determine how successful the division will be, as will proper watering practices.

  • Classic Mojito Recipe Using Fresh Spearmint

    Classic Mojito Recipe Using Fresh Spearmint

    6 years ago

    The mojito is one of the most refreshing drinks of the summer months. Using fresh mint is a must when assembling the perfect mojito. Selecting sprigs from a mint plant will make or break the flavor of a mojito. Spearmint was originally used, but many other mints like peppermint, pineapple mint, and...

  • Growing Prickly Pear Cactus

    Growing Prickly Pear Cactus

    6 weeks ago

    With the proper conditions, growing prickly pear cacti is relatively easy. Follow this guide to grow your own!

  • Growing Datura Moonflowers

    Growing Datura Moonflowers

    6 weeks ago

    Datura is a genus of herbaceous flower plants commonly referred to as Angel's Trumpets and Moonflowers. Datura have a distinctly large trumpet-shaped flower with large green leaves that grow in an alternating pattern. Growing datura takes some patience but yields beautiful results if successful.

  • Venus Flytrap Care

    Venus Flytrap Care

    5 years ago

    The Venus Flytrap, Dionaea muscipula, is a carnivorous plant that dines on insects and arachnids. Caring for Venus fly traps is unlike many common houseplants. Water, soil, and sunlight need to be taken into close consideration when providing an ideal environment for the traps.

  • How to Propagate a Jade Plant

    How to Propagate a Jade Plant

    5 weeks ago

    Jade is a succulent plant native to South Africa, and is a very common houseplant. Jade is easy to care for, requires little watering, and is easily propagated. Propagating jade is the most rewarding part of growing jade. The trick to propagating jade is understanding the conditions for jade...

  • Marimo Propagation

    Marimo Propagation

    5 years ago

    Marimo (Cladophora aegagropila) is actually a variety of fresh water algae that grows into a ball. The spherical shape is caused by tumbling on lake bottoms. Propagating marimo is easy, and caring for the newly propagated marimo is simple as well.

  • How to Care for Money Trees

    How to Care for Money Trees

    7 weeks ago

    The Pachira aquatica, commonly referred to as the money tree or money plant, is commonly used as a houseplant and in Feng shui. They are easy to care for if you follow a few simple guidelines.

  • Organic vs. Non-Organic Soil

    Organic vs. Non-Organic Soil

    5 weeks ago

    There are many differences between organic and non-organic soils. Mulch, compost, and manure are organic and will transform a nutrient-deficient soil into a rich organic environment for plants. Perlite, vermiculite, expanded clay aggregate, and rockwool are non-organic. They are heavily used in...

  • How to Grow Bamboo Cuttings

    How to Grow Bamboo Cuttings

    5 weeks ago

    Bamboo cuttings are a form of vegetative propagation that uses part of a parent plant to produce a new plant. There are three relatively easy methods of bamboo cuttings: root mass divisions, rhizome cuttings, and culm burial. Each method has different moisture and soil requirements.

  • Soil Preparation

    Soil Preparation

    5 weeks ago

    Preparing soil for planting and gardening is often overlooked, but is essential to growing healthy plants. Many simple tests can be performed to determine soil composition, nutrients, and drainage. Fertilizing, tilling, and mulching are also vital when preparing soil for planting.

  • How to Grow Mint Indoors

    How to Grow Mint Indoors

    6 weeks ago

    Learning how to grow mint indoors is an easy and rewarding experience. Several factors impact the ability to grow indoors—learn how here.

  • How to Sterilize Soil

    How to Sterilize Soil

    7 weeks ago

    Sterilizing potting soil is a must if you want to grow healthy, prosperous plants. It is an easy task, and with only a few household items, you can assure viable growth amongst your potted plants.

  • Kudzu Vine Identification

    Kudzu Vine Identification

    6 years ago

    Kudzu (Pueraria montana) is a highly invasive deciduous, semi-woody, perennial vine. Kudzu kills trees, shrubs, and crops by girdling them. Girdling cuts off water and nutrient movement within the plants. Kudzu can also kill trees and shrubs by shading them out, and can even break branches and...

  • Purple Shamrock Propagation

    Purple Shamrock Propagation

    6 years ago

    Purple shamrock, Oxalis triangularis, is a plant unique to Brazil. It is used as a common house plant with striking purple foliage and small white flowers. Propagation can be accomplished very easily by dividing the bulbs and offset bulbs.

  • Breakout Video Game Clones

    Breakout Video Game Clones

    6 years ago

    There are many video games spanning many platforms over the years that are based on brick-breaking game play and ball bouncing physics. The objective of any brick-breaker game is to eliminate the bricks from the stage using a ball. Over the years, brick-breaking games have evolved from very simple...

  • Banned Weapons of Modern Warfare

    Banned Weapons of Modern Warfare

    7 years ago

    Chemical gases, nuclear weaponry, landmines and incendiary weapons are the offspring of technology and warfare. Such weapons are currently banned or restricted under several treaties, and all are labeled as inhumane and/or indiscriminate for many reasons. Understanding the history and use of such...

  • Common Pokeweed Identification

    Common Pokeweed Identification

    6 years ago

    Common Pokeweed is very poisonous to mammals. It has distinct red branches and stems with dark purple berries. The berry juice is red, and stains skin and clothing. The taproot is large and difficult to eradicate.

  • Mosin Nagant: Lighten Trigger Pull

    Mosin Nagant: Lighten Trigger Pull

    6 years ago

    Tin foil can be used to lessen the trigger pull on the Mosin Nagant rifle. A lighter trigger pull can produce better accuracy for the shooter.

  • U.S. Aircraft Carriers in The Gulf War

    U.S. Aircraft Carriers in The Gulf War

    7 years ago

    U.S. aircraft carriers made a huge impact for the U.S. offense during the Gulf War. Four out of 6 carriers received naval honors for their duty in the Gulf War.

  • Experiment: Vinegar vs. Limestone

    Experiment: Vinegar vs. Limestone

    6 years ago

    The reaction between vinegar and limestone is due to limestone being a base, and vinegar being an acid. An experiment can easily be done at home.

  • Identify Counterfeit Jerseys

    Identify Counterfeit Jerseys

    7 years ago

    Identifying counterfeit jerseys saves time and money when looking for authentic team sports apparel. The material, stitching, serial tags and numbering all give away clues of the article being real or fake.

  • Reflection and Refraction

    Reflection and Refraction

    6 years ago

    Prisms, mirrors and the moon provide evidence of how light can be changed via environments. The human eye is complex, but humans only see how light effects an object by causing it to appear brighter or different. Reflections and refractions help us understand the effects of light.

  • Most Absorbent Materials

    Most Absorbent Materials

    7 years ago

    Super absorbent materials make life easier, cleaner, and even fun. Sodium polycrylate and aerogel are absorbent miracles of science, while sponges and clay are miracles of nature.


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