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Being a Postgraduate Science student, I always enjoy reading science articles. But reading is only one part of learning, the most important part being writing demands not any kind of perfection but just to write what you know. So to dive deep into the ocean of science, I planned to write science articles which are easy to comprehend and worth reading. HubPages has provided me a unique opportunity to jot down all the science matter which pops out in my head. My writings are based on all what I have learnt through reading but the writing style is much simpler, easy to understand and engaging.

I believe in Stephen King’s words that “Descriptions begin in the writer’s imagination but should finish in the reader’s”. So to be a professional writer it demands a lot of appreciation from the readers.

I am honored that you choose to read my work. Just don’t forget to put your comment as your comments are highly welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to ask questions related to the Hubs.

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