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I enjoy receiving the comments on some of my Hubs as much as I've enjoyed writing them. Comments are great motivators because they do make me feel there are not only real people reading some of what I write but paying a great compliment by taking the time and trouble to make a comment or exchange thoughts.

As time goes on, I find myself leaving more comments on others' Hubs, after reading them, as I become more comfortable with the etiquette. It is one of the unexpected bonuses of writing in this community.

In recent years, I've have had time to indulge myself in a number of interests such as politics, philosophy, mythology, history and most of the problems, the large and small ones that confront humanity - myself included. Also, I'm a political junkie! My writing reflects all of these and other interests.

Thank you.

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    Humanism, Thomas Jefferson and The Constitution

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    Learning Tongue Twisters

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