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Seth Winter is an amatuer writer who lives in Northern California. An avid hiker, lifetime gamer and a huge nerd. I've worked a variety of jobs and have a wide array of experiences. I'm college educated and fairly well read.

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      • Is the term Racism flawed?

        Is the term Racism flawed?

        5 years ago

        Racism is defined as:  a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.  So basically we are all...

      • Article views and ads

        Article views and ads

        6 years ago

        So i was reading online about how some articles will actually have ads that award 1 dollar per click (rare) but I was wondering where do you find how much a single article is earning you? I know that you can see how...

      • New hubber question

        New hubber question

        6 years ago

        I am a fairly new hubber. I have about 30 hubs so far. When I first started writing hubs my CPM was around 10 dollars. And now that I am about to hit 1k total views its .33 cents. I did some research and found out that...

      • Can someone explain CPM for me

        Can someone explain CPM for me

        6 years ago

        I recently signed up for hubpages Ive written a few articles and so far I have about 500 views and my CPM shows about 7.50. I assumed the 7.50 was how much money ive made on people visiting ads on my page but a friend...

      • New to Hub. Question about article views?

        New to Hub. Question about article views?

        6 years ago

        So I am new to hub, and I have a couple of questions. Can other people view my articles without going to hubpages can they just google my tags and find me?Also where can I find my articles links? AKA if I wanted to send...