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Oh Hai Thur :3 I'm Teejay

First of all, Music is my life. I have to listen to it everyday, or I literally go insane. The genres I'm mainly into are; "Emo", screamo, Metal (and other subgenres), alternative, rock, industrial, SOME pop (I.e I'll enjoy a couple songs on the radio like LMFAO or some shit).. Well I practically listen to everything except rap, any form of rap and country. It makes my ears bleed. The only rap I'll listen to, is Immortal technique, JJ demon and T. Mills. But then again, some say he isn't rap, I still say he's kick ass though :3

I do play some sports, Football being my favourite *cheers* Go Steelers! *cheers* I longboard and snowboard. It's entertaining :3 and if you fall, just some scratches or scars to tell a story.

Hmmm, more about moi. I'm a photographer, it's one of my passions. Again as is music, which is what I hope to persue later in life; as a music producer, maybe manager. As well as start off with the whole stage set up. Other than photographaay; I act, sing, I'm learning guitar, bass and drums somewhat. I draw and write, whether it be poetry, songs, shorts stories, or even a book.

I'm extermely protective over the people I care about. Mainly my Fiancee. my closest friends and my mom. We may fight, but she's the only family I really have down here, and I'm forced to protect her. Obligations.

I can be the sweetest person you will ever meet, but catch me on a bad day (I'll apologize later), or if you even piss me off, which I don't suggest you do. I can be the most heartless person you will ever meet. Given the fact that I'm bipolar doesn't help anything.

SO. If you've read it, you'd know I have a hub on Andy [Six] Biersack. He's one of my main role models. Just what he has been through reflects on me to keep going no matter what has happened. A couple other role models of mine, are; Josh Ramsay (marianas trench), Craig Mabbitt (Escape The Fate), Mitch Lucker (Suicide Silence), Alice Cooper, and Dahvie Vanity (Blood On The Dance Floor), quite the miss match. Every one of those people have a certain quality or past exploit that either relates to me, or makes me "Keep-on-truckin'."

Thanks for readin', and check out my hub ^_^. Oh and I am in the proccess of making a hub all about Black Veil Brides, and hopefully Dahvie Vanity. If you want me to make a hub on anyone else, just message me through my email, which you can probably find someone on here since people have emailed me before ._. aha. If you can't find it, message THIS EMAIL ====> teejaywoodz @ hotmail.ca (had to put the spaces since it wouldn't let me save my profile with the hyperlink .-.) Thanks again gais.

--- Teejay ---
(P.S. Someone has recently emailed me about sexting T_T. A lot of people may ask about the name first, or take into consideration it's a song. From a band. Blood On The Dance Floor, look it up people).

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    Andy 'Six' Biersack

    5 years ago

    At 13, Andy did decide to lose the weight, and got his hair styled. Suddenly, the "emo" fashion came into play, and he was no longer the loser to the kids that had once called him "fag". Andy started out his musical...