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SF Book Craftsman profile image

SF Book Craftsman

Joined 9 years ago from San Diego




Welcome to my Hub Pages. My name is John Sheehan and my Hub name is SF Book Craftsman. It is my desire with these instructional workshops to entertain, to provide helpful information and to help to expand your creative imagination.

My latest Hub: How to invent a town, the making of B’ville, is a step by step illustrated guide showing you how I created an original painting for the cover of my latest novel: B’ville, A musician’s homecoming story, which has just been published and is available at Barnes and Noble as an e-book. A paperback edition is in the works and will be available in the near future.

I have six other novels on sale at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon Kindle Books. For those readers who enjoy historical fiction, please make sure to browse through my work that includes the 5 star rated, 4 volume Billy’O epic, an emigrant’s odyssey spanning the Gold Rush era to the American Civil War. My five star rated Edgar’s Window, a quirky murder mystery set in Greenwich village featuring the specter of Edgar Allan Poe. and Dark Sabbath, a lurid mystery tale set during the great SF earthquake of 1865.

I have an extensive background in the field of printing and book publishing. My career spans over 37 years, beginning with my school training in graphic design and book illustration. In 1978, I finished school and accepted the position as a magazine Art Director with Music City News, a country music trade and fan magazine based in Nashville, Tennessee. I left Tennessee in 1984 and moved west to San Francisco California. I took on freelance assignments and worked at various companies in pre-press operations. During the span of my career, I was a part of and witness to the digital revolution in information technology.

While managing my professional career in printing and publishing, I made time to pursue my other creative vocations as a writer, painter and craftsman. It is my desire to help others achieve their creative goals and that is why my hub pages are here to offer instruction in various fields of creative endeavor. I welcome input from anyone who has questions with respect to any of the subjects I have offered here. I plan to add to my list of Hubs in the future with various creative projects, so keep a watch on my Hub Pages for future instructional workshops.

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  • How to fix a split bridge on an acoustic guitar

    How to fix a split bridge on an acoustic guitar

    6 years ago

    This Johnson dreadnaught guitar was acquired for free from a posting on Craigslist. The picture shown in the posting displayed a guitar that was almost intact and in relatively good condition except for the split bridge. I had never made this kind...

  • How to Bind a Hardcover Book

    How to Bind a Hardcover Book

    2 months ago

    Creating a hardcover for your newly printed book is more difficult than the process of creating a soft paperback cover. With careful attention to the instructions, you can put a hardcover on your home-published book!

  • How To Attach A Book Cover

    How To Attach A Book Cover

    19 months ago

    In order to attach your cover you will need a ruler and a sharp pencil to make your marks as you go along. If you do not feel comfortable using an Xacto knife to make your cuts, You can use a rotary blade papercutter which is the safest type to use...

  • Creating your book cover

    Creating your book cover

    9 years ago

    You can produce a fairly good book cover design with your word processing program. If you have any version of Microsoft Word, you have a lot of design tools. I would consult your word processing handbook to learn how to navigate the program and how...

  • Creating and Printing a Book with Your Home PC

    Creating and Printing a Book with Your Home PC

    20 months ago

    This hub is the second in a series of hubs devoted to printing and binding your books at home with your home computer and printer and using your homemade jig to bind your book after it is printed. This hub will cover the set-up of your page layout...

  • How to Bind Your Own Books at Home

    How to Bind Your Own Books at Home

    2 months ago

    Learn how to build a very simple binding jig that will allow you to press your book pages together and glue the binding.