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Stephen Scalese was a psychotherapist for more than thirty years, until he discovered a better way to give people their minds back. He is a mind explorer, an educator, a husband of forty-three years, father, grandfather, and author. Stephen has spent four decades searching for our lost mind by studying and healing minds, including his own. He has uncovered the wonderful way the mind really works, and solved a key mind puzzle by discovering how its misuse is literally killing us.

In his book, The Whisper In Your Heart: Listening to Your Soul's Voice, Stephen tells how, as her therapist, he helped Nancy to heal herself of terminal cancer by finding within her mind a special intelligence that guided them on a five-year healing adventure that cure her illness and healed his life as well. In the following thirty years, he has discovered that we all have this special intellilgence, and now teaches others how to access and use it to improve their lives in every imaginable way.

Stephen continues to quietly revolutionize our understanding of who we really are with his new model of the mind. He shares his discoveries in writings, seminars, private sessions, and workshops with those who have
ears to hear, open hearts, and are willing to take the inner journey to transform your life.

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    Seven Simple Steps to Mind Mastery

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    Have You Ever Made A Cloud Disappear!

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