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Gunnar Garisson is an old soul, warrior poet living well out of his time in modern society. In addition to writing full time, he spends a vast amount of creative energy designing off-grid, self sufficient homes, medieval weaponry, music and a better and stronger horn of mead.

He has a passion for the wilderness that was instilled at a very young age, and is a devout member of the church of the highest peak he can find. Alongside years of multi-disciplinary Martial Arts training and an Engineering degree, he is an avid swordsman, and can often be found deep in the woods sparring with his brothers, steel on steel. He enjoys loud motorcycles, small animals, and riding pretty much any kind of board, but his deepest love will always be family.

Only without the bonds of family are we truly alone....

Recently shifting towards writing full time, he has branched out into multi-subject freelancing here at HubPages, but maintains serious regard and priority for his main passion of expanding his new novels, Critical Mass, and Planeshifters, into a trilogy....

A darkly descriptive, character driven science fiction epic for the new generation, "Critical Mass" has been published as an ebook and is available along with the second book in the series, "Planeshifters," in any ereader or on-screen format at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/49222 and https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/136124, respectively. Critical Mass is now available in paperback at: https://www.createspace.com/3755949 and Amazon.com as well, and Planeshifters is soon to follow.

The story follows a small, tightly knit clan of friends in the vast, almost anarchic underground of a metropolis that evolved right over what used to be Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland, beginning in the year 2057 and spanning over 93 light years and 7 centuries, detailing the plight of a nomadic remnant human race, leaving a now uninhabitable Earth and colliding with an alien race in the binary system of the "Demon Sun," Algol. The future of their world is unravelling, and it will fall on one who has seen the past to keep them from repeating it as a 2000 year old Viking prophecy unfolds.

A full-scale, uncensored preview of the first half of the book is available prior to purchase, or right here at HubPages, through a chapter by chapter, clickable Table of Contents and summary page! Enjoy! Vitam Piratae Leigo...

Critical Mass: Table of Contents or

Planeshifters, Critical Mass: Book II

Input is wholeheartedly welcomed and appreciated, so feel free to comment at the end of any chapter or hub, or contact me directly at:


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