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Hello there. If you are reading my profile you must also be reading one or more of my fascinating hubs-hahaha. Well, I certainly do hope you find one or more of my hubs fascinating.

Presently I am self employed and a wife, mother and grandmother who loves to go for motorcycle rides and road trips to the ocean, clam dig, swim, fish, cook, read, write and research using the internet.

I reside 13 miles from south Puget Sound here in western Washington.

My favorite areas of research are varied, but include investing in precious metals, particularly silver, how to make money online, science, herbs and other natural remedies for medicinal purposes, food recipes, biblical literature, physiology, diseases of the mind/body, the paranormal and much more...

I also have more to share-the unexpected fatal overdose of my 22-year-old son Timmy, in 2008.

He suffered respiratory arrest while in an opiate-induced sleep. It took the family members of my son's roommate, an off-duty paramedic who lived close by and then the paramedics on duty that arrived... to eventually rescusitate Timmy.

Very tragically we were to learn that extensive damage had already been done. Timmy was diagnosed with severe brain damage almost 3 days later. HIs toxicology report stated he had ingested methadone and xanax. Neither drug had been prescribed to him.

Physically, my son kept up a courageous battle despite his severe brain damage, but there came a point where I let go and allowed myself to realize that this war had to end. Thankfully it did. My son succumbed to brain death about 12 days later.

Since this occured over the Labor Day weekend at that time, nothing could be finalized until the "holiday" was over with. That only prolonged our agony for an additional day. We knew Timmy was brain dead, but would not be provided any medical evidence to support this, and no possibility of discontinuing his life support until the actual work week resumed on the following Tuesday.

To this day it is hard to enjoy a 3-day weekend without thinking about what we endured.

Please heed my warning about the dangers of methadone, especially if it is taken with other drugs such as xanax or valium. I can't write a hub here giving more specific details and timelines about what happened to my son, because my story is already posted on another site. Per Hubpages, that is against their criteria. However, I can refer you to this site:


If any hub or other site I mention are of any help to you or gives you any insight, please leave a comment.

God Bless You And Yours !!

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