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I am currently going to school to become a Chemical Engineer.

I have two dogs. Bree, who is a Bernese Mountain dog and Sugar. We do not know what breed she is but she pretty and super soft! Bree is definitely the more hyper of the two but Sugar is more destructive. Not the loud destructive type, the 'it's too quiet so she must be into something' destructive type. Almost like a small child; when they disappear and you don't see them for awhile, you know they are destroying something.

I have two older sisters and a younger brother. Although you wouldn't know he was younger if you met him since he towers over all of us.

I enjoy reading, both for educational purposes and for pleasure. And my dad raised me to love movies. If you only knew me by what type of movies I like to watch, you'd swear I was a guy.

Yet I am a typical girl, scared of typical girl things: bugs (usually the big ones), snakes, and geckos are the one's on the tip of my tongue at the moment.

My most recent hobby is Tai Chi which I recommend everyone try at least once. It's a martial art that focuses on personal health and inner strength.

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