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    Daily Conversations With God

    10 months ago

    Do you communicate daily with God? God desires a personal relationship with each of us & the key is daily, consistent communication. Not sure what to share with Him? Here are some ideas that will hopefully spark a conversation or inspire your own.

  • Baroque: Realms of Light - Italy and Austria vs. Spain and the Netherlands

    Baroque: Realms of Light - Italy and Austria vs. Spain and the Netherlands

    13 months ago

    The painting The Supper at Emmaus by Caravaggio, created in 1601, for Roman nobleman Ciriaco Mattei depicts the moment when the resurrected Jesus reveals himself to two of his disciples. The out-thrust left arm of the disciple startled and...

  • Neo-Classical vs. Romanticism

    Neo-Classical vs. Romanticism

    13 months ago

    The Departure from the Island of Cythera by Antoine Watteau, created in 1717, depicts the departure from the birthplace of Venus. Watteau symbolizes the brevity of love with the departure instead of an arrival to the island. It captures the new...

  • The High Renaissance: Rome and Florence vs. Venice

    The High Renaissance: Rome and Florence vs. Venice

    13 months ago

    The well-known painting Last Supper in the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, created by Leonardo da Vinci from 1495-1498 will be compared and contrasted with Last Supper by Tintoretto in 1594, created for the interior of Andrea...

  • The Early Renaissance: Italy vs. Northern Europe

    The Early Renaissance: Italy vs. Northern Europe

    13 months ago

    The frescos in The Bardi Chapel of Santa Croce in Florence, created by Giotto di Bondone in 1325 will be compared and contrasted with The Isenheim Altarpiece by Matthias Grünewald between 1512-1516. The areas of comparison include artist’s...

  • Vincent Van Gogh's

    Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night"

    13 months ago

    Vincent Van Gogh (born in the Netherlands 1853, died in France 1890) committed suicide at the young age of 37, believing himself to be a failure as an artist. He is one of four artists, called the avant-garde who contributed to the founding of Post...

  • Tips for Healthy Eating

    Tips for Healthy Eating

    13 months ago

    Our society is influenced by advertisements and propaganda produced by the media. These professionals have convinced/brainwashed the public into believing that 'the skinny' is the ideal physical form. This belief has managed to survive throughout...


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