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She-rah profile image


Joined 8 years ago from Springfield, IL




PLASE HELP me spread awareness for my Autoimmune Disease via Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc. Your help could possibly be the miracle needed in someone's life!

I have decided to spend my spare time spreading awareness for rare medical conditions and autoimmune diseases that are ignored by a majority of the medical community. It is my hope that no one has to suffer the traumatic experiences my family and I have had to endure for so long.

I have spent 15 years researching rare diseases, disorders, and undiagnosed medical conditions in hopes of finding natural treatments and possibly even a cure for myself and others with health problems.

I have a severe hormone allergy, called Progesterone Induced Anaphylaxis (APD/ AIPA), also referred to as Autoimmune Progesterone Anaphylaxis, or Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis (milder form). I beleive that many other women suffer this "so-called" rare condition. It is my goal to inform others, help them get diagnosed, and find a possible treatment so that they may regain quality of life.

Work slows a great deal in the winter where I get to take a short break and spend more time with my wonderful husband, 4 amazing children, and continue with my medical/scientific research. My education in biology/chemistry has had many benefits in allowing me to be able to put together the numerous puzzle peices of various symptoms and illnesses that lead to my diagnosis and treatment. I have currently been in remission for 11 months!

I love researching anything and taking on new tasks. I've found the hubpage community to be a wonderful place to meet new people, learn a variety of new and exciting things, help others looking for answers, and write about whatever interests you may have.

To sign up with HubPages and start writing:

Quick and Easy Sign up

My hubs devoted to helping others with rare medical conditions, getting diagnosis/ treatment, and spreading awareness for APD/AIPA:

I'm Allergic to My Hormones! Part 1- Trouble with Docs

I'm Allergic to My Hormones! Part 2- Getting Diagnosed

I'm Allergic to My Hormones! Part 3- Treatment Options

I'm Allergic to My Hormones! Part 4- My Treatment

Severe Allergies causing Autoimmune Diseases?

My website is devoted to others with stories similar to mine. It contains various informative links about APD/AIPA, my natural/organic estrogen treatment, and also has a forum for questions, comments, and support:

About Me

My Website

My Forum (still in the process of importing emails)

Other places I can be found:

SheTold Me - Sign up to share your story and get backlinks!

Follow me on Twitter!

My Treatment & Excellent Natural Skin Care Options

PM Cream and Pure Infusion (Patent Pending as of 11/3/2010)

Excellent Natural Skin Care to avoid Parabens that cause additional reactions if you suffer from the Autoimmune Disease AIPA/ APD.

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