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A longtime university-level instructor of languages, including ESL (English as a Second Language), I publish articles based on my experiences. Areas of interest include caring for diabetic dogs, writing, English linguistics, and literature.

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  • Canine Pancreatitis

    Canine Pancreatitis

    7 years ago

    A diagnosis of canine pancreatitis is frightening for any dog owner, especially when a veterinarian explains that it may be a life-threatening condition requiring immediate treatment and perhaps even the hospitalization...

  • Insulin Injections for Your Diabetic Dog

    Insulin Injections for Your Diabetic Dog

    7 years ago

    Your vet has just told you that your beloved dog is diabetic and that he/she now requires insulin injections to live. What now? When my little Maltese Ozzie was diagnosed with diabetes at age 7, I was lucky: I have...