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I was born in Toledo Ohio on June 28th 1962 to Frank and Viola Eberflus.I have one sibling, my brother. I am a mother of three and a Nana of three so far and a mom to 3 cats as well. I am a published writer,Proving the Theory-Think Thin, a positive approach to loosing weight and keeping it off, my own personal journey, how I have managed to weigh 125 pounds for the past 25 years, easily done, you can do it too. I have also completed my Front of the House restaurant manual and guide. If you are in or want to be in the business and you want to be a pro at it, this manual guide will teach you some tricks!I am also a floral designer, I specialize in weddings, I'm a Wedding Planner as well. I run my business out of my home. I am also a professional bartender. I call myself professional because I also enjoy this job as well. I dabble in cake decorating and making chocolate treats, I love to sketch too.

My passion is to get my words out to others, what comes to me as I write the words,whether it is a self-help book or one of my many other writings in the works waiting to come to frutation.

My writings are always inspirational, whatever you may be reading of mine. I'm not 47 for nothing, I have to share what I know.

I have many writings in the works and I don't know if I can get them all done in this lifetime. I will try.

The wedding business is also my passion, I love being creative, brides give me their ideas and I bring them to life. It's fun and rewarding.*except for, when the brideszillas come out. I can usually identify them right off the bat!

I love bartending! I have a great clientel, who have followed me to my current job. I was unemployed for a short while. My job is like a party everynight It's a get together everyday with friends and making new friends everyday being in the bartending business is fun and enjoyable,the only thing, I 'm the only one not drinking.

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