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Hi everybody,

I'm a novice writer, poetry fanatic and here to improve my writing skills . Well travelled and love to have a laugh. 17 years a chef and have used my trade to travel and work in places like Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia. Now living back in rainy windy Ireland but hope to work in the states at some stage, hopefully in my favourite city, San- Fran. Also a fitness fanatic and love to box, just for fitness though.

Steve also owns The Internet Marketing Cauldron Blog and loves chatting about marketing.

Eating healthy foods to keep up stamina for a busy lad is important to me, and should be to all. I've been in the best shape the last few years, just by making a few changes to lifestyle that anybody can make, and I hope to give a few tips to others on a having a strong body, which leads a hundred percent to a strong mind.

People who come out of prison can build up the country,

Misfortune is a test of people's fidelity.

Those who protest at injustice are people of true merrit.

When the prison-doors are opened, the real dragon will fly out.

Ho Chi Minh

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