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The Supreme Soul Shiva present in the physical body of Prajapita. Shiva is the father of all the souls and similarly to them he is also an invisible point of energy, but much more subtle. His eternal name is Shiva, meaning ‘Benevolent’. He is beyond all kinds of influence, always incorporeal, beyond all experience and action. He is the only one who knows the secret of the beginning, middle and end of the human creation. He comes at the end of every cycle of the world and narrates the true knowledge to the people. As the only one he doesn’t pass through the cycle of birth and death; being ever pure, he purifies the souls and matter, bringing them back to their original stage of the beginning. The Supreme Father Shiva has to perform three tasks on the earth: establishment of the new world, destruction of the old world and sustenance of the new creation. Because he is the only soul that doesn’t have its body, he has to take support in a human body. In the Confluence Age, the only time when he is in the earth, he uses the corporeal form of Brahma, Shankar, Vishnu successively, to accomplish these three tasks.

The articles below were prepared by a researcher that I met via the Internet. They seemed very interesting to me, so i asked for permisson to placed them in a blog. They prompted me to find more information about Shivbaba. I find it very interesting. If you wish to know more, contact me at Facebook (Varun Stravinski) or via e-mail.

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