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My name is Karen and I was Born in the UK. I had been living in SA since 2001 before I returned to the UK, in January of this year, 2014.

I praise God for having taken me back to SA in 2001, because within 3 months of being there, I was surrounded by Christian friends even though I was not in Christ yet. It was some of the most exciting years of my life - giving my life to Jesus, coming to know Who God is, knowing that all the years of searching for Abba Father, came to an end when I accepted His Beloved Son and believed on Him as my Lord and Saviour.

Now I am back in the UK. And there is much witnessing that needs to be undertaken here too. We are trained in one vineyard and then put to work in another. The Holy Spirit knows exactly where to use us best.

Apart from my own hubs, I have also posted hubs for a sister-in-Christ. She has gathered these writings together, over many years, and they are the fruits of her quiet time spent in and with the Lord. She has no modern technology and is content to remain anonymous, but has asked for them to be made public by me, so others too can share and delight in a personal, intimate relationship with Our Father, His Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Hubs written by myself are marked as "written by Karen"

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  • The Miracle Birth                        (written by Karen)

    The Miracle Birth (written by Karen)

    15 months ago

    Jesus is the Life and the Resurrection. Through His death and resurrection we can be born again, in the spirit, from above and become adopted sons and daughters of the Father.