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Shona Venter profile image

Shona Venter

Joined 8 years ago from South Africa




Also follow me on:

Born and bred in South Africa, I discovered the online world of blogging not too long ago. From there, I realised that writing is far easier than speaking, because people are usually more willing to read than they are to listen.

Until a few years ago, I would have been in the habit of simply accepting everything that was told to me. These days however, I prefer to do extensive research before coming to a satisfactory conclusion. I pride myself with the fact that I am not simply a sheeple that follows trends and believes something simply 'because everybody else does.'

At present, family consists of the world's most amazing hubby, a Jack Russell cross Fox Terrier (who thinks she is anything but a dog) and a Russian Dwarf Hamster who enjoys spare rib bones. We spend our spare time together as a family while engaging in cycling, photography and reading.

As you may notice, my hubs cover a variety of topics - from raising hamsters to discovering how compund interest works. Feel free to take a browse through them and leave feedback if you wish. i look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Benefits of Gmail

    Benefits of Gmail

    21 months ago

    Need a feature-rich email account, but aren't keen to pay an arm and a leg for it? Look no further than Gmail. The folks at Google have kindly offered this amazing service to us.

  • 15 Uses for Salt

    15 Uses for Salt

    21 months ago

    Ever wondered what salt can be used for? It is far more versatile than people think, ranging from a natural tooth cleanser to a snail repellent.

  • Personal Safety Tips

    Personal Safety Tips

    21 months ago

    These days, it is important to be able to look after yourself. My article highlights a few basic tips that anyone can use in order to safeguard themselves and their possessions.

  • What do Ingredient Labels Really Mean?

    What do Ingredient Labels Really Mean?

    21 months ago

    Many people think that because something is for sale at the grocery store, it must be safe to eat. My article takes you on a guided tour of what those mystery ingredients on food labels really are.

  • How to Care for Hamsters

    How to Care for Hamsters

    21 months ago

    Hamsters are among the most popular pets chosen by children (and some adults). Here, you will learn how to take care of your hamster in the best possible ways to ensure that they stay healthy and happy.