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I grew up in Southwest Florida, and after 5 long cold winters in the suburbs of Chicago, am so thankful to be once again surrounded by palm trees and sunshine.

I have a son, Reese, who short and sweet; he is the sweetest thing in the universe. A lot of what I write will be based on life lessons from a baby, like love and perseverance, because I think he teaches me more than I teach him. Banks and Snoopy are my crazy yet lovable pups, and my wonderful husband, Geoff, is the gracious man that deals with all of us.

My main passion is connecting people to Jesus, yet I have a lot of interests and talents. I am knowledgeable in much yet an expert in nothing. My writings will probably be on a variety of topics yet one of my gifts is to find where is God in everyday life. When my focus is right, I tend to see similarities between nearly everything and what The Bible teaches. I see the world often in analogies and like to find the connection to Jesus in all things. I like to show people how awesome Jesus is and how much The Bible is relevent today and is life changing, and do it in a way that is hopefully not threatening or judgemental.

I also have an interest in personal finances and helping people save money. I also like to share personal experiences about all sorts of different things so that people can hear an honest and candid opinion of random aspects of life like Costco and Penny Auctions. I love to write and I hope people love to read my writings.

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