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I'm quite an enthusiastic person in things that interest me. I can say I am spiritual. I believe in the supernatural. I'm very much into good music. I like to write down thoughts which I find appealing to me in some ways. I give my best to be straight-forward and not neglect but respect my audience's point of view. I'm interested in the human brain which creates feelings. I'm studying english, am fond of literature and the stardust of words. I love humour and humorous company.

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  • Chemical Humanity

    Chemical Humanity

    10 months ago

    Humanity in humans is almost as scarce as tress on earth in today's world. We do see trees. But it's negligible in that amount. Same goes for humanity. We need more humanity just like we need trees.

  • P-A-R-A-D-O-X


    10 months ago

    Never should we mock or underestimate the capability and potential of any life. Rebellious acts are sometimes a necessity more than a want.

  • Hazel Pulp

    Hazel Pulp

    10 months ago

    A sweet fantasy about a life who gives a considerable amount of effort in surviving various unfavorable circumstances. On a simple and short note, 'hope' is meant to be emphasized.