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  • secret stranger

    secret stranger

    2 years ago

  • Unkept Promises

    Unkept Promises

    4 years ago

    The forest is dark here. Trees are haunting me. The sky is clouded with pain. She told me she would be here. She told me to be patient, but she wouldn't be late. Her lies have stolen me before. Yet here I am, believing one...

  • Fooling you

    Fooling you

    4 years ago

    This smile on my face has become so permanent. Can you tell? The plastic lines glued to my lips, they are trapping me. They are blinding you. The sincerety in my smile has dissapeared, leaving nothing but a faltering glipse of...

  • The Storm Within

    The Storm Within

    4 years ago

    Free-style , dramatic poem about succumbing to the storm within.

  • Watching you burn

    Watching you burn

    6 years ago

    I watch you at night. Your nightmares keep you awake. They keep you from dreaming as your fears keep you from living. You are so used to the pain you barely the realize the presence. It's scary how comfortable you are with it. I want to...

  • Breaking Bridges

    Breaking Bridges

    7 years ago

    Feel my pain and aggravation Watch it run through these veins and drowned me I am living in sin Bathing in it as it surrounds me , living with the ghost of my life. I have touched death and proved nothing just to be burned on every inch of my...

  • Say My Name Again

    Say My Name Again

    4 years ago

    Touch my skin. Give me chills. Kiss my lips. Light me up. I hear you say my name . Say it again. Take me into paradise one second at a time. Love me into euphoria. Take me away from my hell. Say my name again. With each time I get higher. I...

  • Please


    7 years ago

    Im sorry I don't know why. But I am. If I said I would never do what ever I did again, Would you take me back? I can be better. I can do better. I will be everything you ever dreamed of. I will hold you more, love you more, give...

  • Thanks To You

    Thanks To You

    7 years ago

    Throw me to the wind I was never there to begin with. You were so mean to take everything from me. Now I know I can't. I can't go on. Thank you. Toss me aside. It's where I belong On the side of the street. Waiting for...

  • I will just cry

    I will just cry

    4 years ago

    I'm crying alone tonight, and you will never know. My insides are screaming. My body is shaking. I thought I could live without you. I thought I could do this on my own, but I can't get over the pain. i'm so alone, and you...

  • Don't let me go

    Don't let me go

    7 years ago

    I hope that your not reading this, but as I stay awake tonight the tears are pouring down my face. I can't tell you . But I want to. I can't see you but I need to, because I need you. My secrets, they will stay with as I wish...



    7 years ago

    It's a voice that won't stop talking . It's telling instead of asking. It's a boss you can't beat. It's being trapped with no way out. It's a noise that you are sick of. It's pain you can't let out. It's a person you can't let down. ...

  • I Lost Her

    I Lost Her

    7 years ago

    I have let someone down , I have left them to cry with the night. I have left them alone in the dark. I look back and I can't face them, but I can't run from them either. These thoughts they need to come out but there are no words for them. ...

  • She Dances Alone Tonight

    She Dances Alone Tonight

    7 years ago

    She dance alone tonight She swirls with grace. And tears fall from her face. She dances alone tonight. No one knows why. The moon shines bright on her as she moves with the wind. Time has fozen her in a moment. She dances alone...

  • Her Name Was Envy pt2

    Her Name Was Envy pt2

    7 years ago

    I walked out of the doors to Hell shocked to return to the bright flames of the early morning sun. Time had slipped through my fingers, it dissapointed me. I wanted to look more into my mission but there was only so much I could do in one night...

  • Smile. Inspire Me.

    Smile. Inspire Me.

    7 years ago

    Your semi-smile isn't fooling me. I see the truth. You knew better than to try to fake it. My eyes are stronger than they look. What you don't know is you inspire me, when you smile with sincerety. You are not happy, I know....

  • Teach me How to Love

    Teach me How to Love

    4 years ago

    I have been alone for to long. I have kept everyone at a distance. My heart hurts from so much shame. I cant bare to let someone in. I want to learn how to love. I want to hold someone again. Let me feel your heart beating next to...

  • Question, Answer, and Live

    Question, Answer, and Live

    7 years ago

    Questions leads to answers... Answers leads to promises... And promises lead to lies.. To be dreamer is to dream as to want is to be. You can never become your dream without a dream. Baby,...

  • To Be A Mother

    To Be A Mother

    7 years ago

    To be a Mother To hear the cry of a baby just born, To love a child so perfect in every way. To care for those golden eyes of innocents. To love unconditionally What is it like? To hold a miracle. To carry a life To be so important. To have a...

  • Why do we sleep? Tell me...

    Why do we sleep? Tell me...

    7 years ago

    Why Do We Sleep? Do we sleep for the rest? To waste time? To find our true beauty? Why do we sleep? Can't we just work through the night? Does the sand man have to visit me? Can't I just stay awake? Why do we sleep? To find...

  • Goodbye is always the hardest part

    Goodbye is always the hardest part

    4 years ago

    I have loved you for years, through the hurt and pain, through the fights and disasters. We have found a content place, where we are good. We are familiar with each other, our body and souls. Still I find something is missing. I look...

  • In the distance/ change

    In the distance/ change

    7 years ago

    In our life trials , we focus on the path in front of us and getting to our destination. We are so fused on it we never take a step back to look at what else is in this world, or who else is in this world. We never stop to think about the people...

  • Her Name Was Envy

    Her Name Was Envy

    7 years ago

    Midnight. It smelled so good to me. The sweet smell of crime made my insides tingle. The full moon was out tonight and it screamed come get me. I was ready for anything the cold night could throw at me. My leather boots walked me down the icy street...

  • Fight


    4 years ago

    I am on the ground, the room is spinning. I want to give up (it would be easy). (I am good at it) . I have been thrown an opponent. One to big for me . I am scared, to scared to get up. I am hurt and beat up. I am bruised and...

  • The Day Death Changed Me pt 2

    The Day Death Changed Me pt 2

    7 years ago

    My recovery was more than pain it was like dying slowely in agony and misery. The first day at the hospital I realized pain relievers would be my new best friend and that I would grow to hate every nurse in the world . I watched them scrub...

  • Your Love is Real

    Your Love is Real

    4 years ago

    I never thought I needed someone. I never knew the truth. I didn't think I would ever be happy. Until I found you . Your love is real . It made me fly You always loved me Though I will never know why I could touch the sun and not get...

  • One Day Getaway

    One Day Getaway

    7 years ago

    In my head I wonder what you are thinking . Your eyes are so dark . Drowned me in them . Your hands are so warm . They rest softly in mine . You watch me as I watch you . We are grounded . I am flying . The intimacy...

  • The girl in My Head

    The girl in My Head

    4 years ago

    In my head you will find a little girl. She is tired and lost. Her world has been broken down and destroyed by the enemies around. She screams but her voice is just not loud Her arms are filled with scars. They are the memories that haunt...

  • Finding love in a lake

    Finding love in a lake

    7 years ago

    The night was hot and we were young. The water seemed to be our only escape and the moonlight made it to appetizing. I ran to the waves and let my skin soak it all in. He followed shortly after. Our bodies moved closer, The flames burning between us...

  • The Day Death Changed Me

    The Day Death Changed Me

    7 years ago

    The day before my unfortunate event I saw an old friend of mine , I hadn't seen him in months. We engaged in conversation , had a few drinks, and decided to go have dinner. This was when I found out he had a motorcycle; however, it wasn't just any...


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