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    The Myth of La Llorona: A Story of Colonialism and Patriarchy

    2 months ago

    La Llorona is a mythical figure in Mexican culture. The legend of La Llorona is interesting because it reveals the problematic aspects of the colonial and patriarchal systems set in place in Mexico. Thus, it is no surprise that its figure has been reclaimed and vindicated in other cultural spaces.

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    "Overcoming Heartbreak": A Feminist Soap Opera?

    3 months ago

    All in all, “Vencer el desamor” does a good job of bringing up subjects that had been previously omitted from telenovelas. However, at times, it seems that the soap opera still strays from certain themes and prefers to stick to traditional values.

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    10 Facts You Didn't Know About John Lennon

    6 months ago

    Forty-one years ago, John Lennon was shot by a deranged fan outside of the Dakota Building (his home in New York City). The event shocked the entire world. In order to honor his life and legacy, I invite you to read ten intriguing facts about the founder of the Beatles.

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    How to Save Money When You're in College

    2 years ago

    The beginning of college can be a stressful time. In order to help you with this important transition, I have come up with eight different ways in which you can save money during this hectic time.

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    Who Is Mexico’s New President?

    3 years ago

    Lopez Obrador’s victory is an important historical moment for Mexico, a country that was ruled by a single party, the PRI, for over 70 years. The majority of the Mexican population has chosen a new alternative. For the first time, Mexico’s presidency will go to a leftist candidate.

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    The Story of Juan Gabriel

    7 months ago

    Juan Gabriel has left behind 66 albums and over 100 million copies sold. He had more than 1,800 songs, two movies, and a TV series based on his life. Many of his songs have become classics.

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    10 Great British Invasion Bands You May Not Have Heard Of

    7 months ago

    The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, and the Who are the most popular acts associated with this era. But, what other bands flourished during this time?

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    Film Review: 'Gloria'

    4 months ago

    The film is rather a concise version that makes no judgement against anyone. It should be noted that although the version that the film offers is quite attached to reality, it is not a documentary but a recreation of what happened that manages to stick to the story's core.

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    Author Sabina Berman Talks About the Making of "Gloria"

    3 months ago

    Here is an interview transcript with author Sabina Berman about the 2014 Mexican drama film "Gloria." It focuses on the story of the controversial Mexican pop/rock icon, Gloria Trevi.

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    Interview With Film Director Christian Keller

    3 months ago

    Christian Keller decided to make a biopic about Mexican pop/rock singer, Gloria Trevi, after reading her story in the L.A. Times. At the time, he was only 19 years old, and he had never made a film. Ten years later, he's only a few days away from seeing his dream come true.

  • Upcoming Biopic Based on the Life of Gloria Trevi

    Upcoming Biopic Based on the Life of Gloria Trevi

    14 months ago

    Often referred to as “the Mexican Madonna,” Gloria Trevi rose to the top of the Latin charts in late 1989 and stayed there for quite a few years. Her mostly self-penned lyrics often addressed socio-political issues and questioned women’s subordinate role in the Mexican society of the time; while...


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